Airbnb reactivated listings

This is so weird.
I asked them 4 months ago to completely delete my listings, after I had too many negative experiences.
They cancelled my reservations, as requested, and supposedly my listings.

This morning I’m suddenly getting bookings for one of them. I have not been on airbnb site or done anything. I wrote to the first one to contact airbnb, since I’m no longer a host and can’t really help him. They cancelled and then wrote that they reopened those dates.

I immediately got another booking. I again asked them to contact airbnb. I also wrote an email to airbnb, as I don’t want to change the calendar and then having suddenly be informed by them that I’ll have to pay a penalty for cancellations, when it wasn’t me that reopened the listings. I wanted them completely gone.

Not really looking for replies, just a rant… :wink:

This is bizarre! I would also contact Airbnb yourself just to make sure everything is really gone. Actually you can delete the listing yourself.

Do you mind sharing why you want out? I mean just generally? Bad guests?

I have wriitten to airbnb. I will not go into the listing as i don’t want them to accuse me of being the one to have been in there and reactivated and then wanting money from me for canceling booking.

I think you’re able to look at my previous posts. The subject was…i think I’m finished…it explains it all

Well, personally I would do it just for a safeguard.
If you have the link handy post it here.

I would just go into your account and delete the listing yourself so you can be confident that it’s been done.

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I have no idea how to copy paste on phone. It’s also not really important why i stopped.

I called them and they’re having computer problems and can’t do anything right now. So keep your eyes open for glitches in your own listing today.

The reservations keep coming…probably 10 since this morning. I just write everyone that I’m no longer a host and to contact airbnb to cancel.

And i will not go into my listings to do anything as i don’t want them to charge me for cancelations. This way they know i haven’t reactivated a m ything.

This is what I tried to suggest.

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This seems a defeatist approach, particularly if your bank account or PayPal is debited. Go in delete payout method, delete listing.

I understand that you don’t want to be seen to delete the listing when you have imminent bookings. Maybe email Airb before you do anything, and take screen shots before and after, so they’ll be sure that all you did was what should have been done. Also, if you can paste any info from the original deletion into the Airb email, you’ll have all angles covered!
And once all is sorted, delete it again! So that no-one can activate it, even you. (I’m sure there’s a permanent way to remove)

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And if this delete process turns out to be a bit ephemeral, why not first change the title of the listing to 'Now Shut Down, Do NOT Book" and then delete it.
So even if by way of Airbnb software defect – of which there’s loads – it comes back up, you have the title to ward off bookings.


and change first pic in your details to this

(It’s not much, but it’s home)


They’re now claiming that someone must have hacked into my account and
activated it (yeah, right, people spend all of their brainpower to hack
into an airbnb account to play a little game). Anyway, they locked up my
account and it can’t get opened again without me contacting them.

Did you tell them to take a cudgel and beat up the computer which stores your details?

(Barns will provide the requisite pictorial imagery)

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You must open your own graffiti venture mate, call it ‘Barnsy’


This is crazy! My listings got reactivated again. I just got a booking for tonight for one of my no longer active listings and got an email that my photos at another listing got changed. I can’t even go into the listings and do anything. I sent an email to the guest and asked them to contact airbnb and cancel.

I’m on hold with airbnb.


Supposedly someone keeps hacking into my account and changing password. And if that happens to me, I’m sure this is happening to others.

I’m sure the end goal is money, so, they’re likely circumventing airbnb payment set up as well and try to get payment from people through their own channels