AIrBnb randomly changed my price for a whole month without Smart pricing turned on

I have two listings - one that has smart pricing turned on with a minimum price. Works great.

My second property has never had smart pricing turned on. I have the same fixed nightly rate every day of the year. It’s also the same rate that Ive had for 3 1/2 years without issue.

I just received a booking today for September that was 20% less than my price. I spent an hour of my Sunday afternoon on the phone with airbnb superhost support - which was an absolute waste of time. He tried blaming me for changing my pricing. Meanwhile my husband brought up our listing on airbnb and put in a 3 night stay the week prior to the requested booking. It was 20% higher than our standard rate!!

Then looking at the month of September the prices are completely all over the board with no consistentcy… BUT ONLY the month of September (2018). The is so F’d up – and Airbnb support has become so useless it’s comical.

I’m just not sure how we are going to proceed. We have just closed on another house that we are planning to put into the airbnb pool, but based on this past experience it is impossible to count on their backend infrastructure.

Hello @Spokane_Host, the same thing happened to me, I have two listings in Europe and this last week I noticed that my prices since September had been changed automatically, appearing one lower. Also I had blocked the calendar from December onwards and it appeared unlocked. So I think your case is not isolated and it has happened with many, they should know.

That happened to me also. Suddenly two nights were priced at $13 a night. I know I never did that.

I am having problem with monthly prices.I set up monthly prices for the next few months and when guest booked or I searched for my listings,the prices were about £100-200 lower then my set price :-(.I tried Airbnb support but it was useless