Airbnb quiet over Christmas new years?

i was getting alot of bookings but since christmas ive had hardly any requests, im new to this but is it normally quiet over christmas/new year period. i guess no one plans a holiday now right?

Edit: I meant is it quiet for future bookings? I am booked full til February but am not getting an requests for the rest of the year whereas before Christmas I was getting a lot.

FURTHER EDIT: since this post I am now fully booked for the next few months. Must just go quiet from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day.

You are right. It’s in most place of the word quiet months

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I think it depends where you are and whether you list a whole place or room.

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We have a whole place, and it’s been quiet.

I’ve never been busier. I get one night travelers driving through my town. I was blocked off the 28th to the 4th for friends staying here and have been booked about 70% of the time outside of that since mid Dec.


This is my high season. I am booked and basically sold out. Through March 1… I’m in Kona Hawaii.

It all depends on your location.

We just got a fresh dump of white powder, so last few hours I got several requests and IB’s for the next few days.

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dead dead dead here in DC. I was reading in my journal yesterday at this same time last year and there were many “another booking today” entries. Of course my prices were super cheap out of ignorance and because the space was unfinished. Now I just want a decent dollar for what I offer but am only booked a few nights this month, and nothing after. At this time last year I had a number of bookings into the summer.

Depressing. And since we keep investing and improving, I’m not hitting my target income.

Have to tried other listing platforms?

I’m on Wimdu, which used to send me a bit here and there - well, 12 vs airbnb’s 98…

I want to get my own website up, but I’m waiting for someone with a decent camera to take the photos, and, for someone who knows how to do a website to help me. I am happy to pay. I just don’t have lots of extra time to work on it myself. I would most likely direct people to airbnb for the actual booking, at least initially.

Am thinking of vrbo or other, don’t know yet.


I’d be very happy to help :slight_smile:

We get most of our clients from but it’s not as easy platform than airbnb.

That is one of the big traps for owners of rental properties.
I see this problem a lot around here (in my region, also with non-AirBnB hosts).

Owners “over-improve” their rental, they all want to offer a high end luxurious place.
They fail to realise there is a lot of competition in the high end market, the guest is very demanding, and the pool of guests is small.

I see a lot of hosts getting into financial problems because they invested too much, and cannot get a their investment back, because most guests will not pay the premium price they are asking.

A few weeks back I had a host with me who was complaining that he was struggling. He had very few bookings. He did not understand why I always had guests, and was not struggling like he was. He wanted to see my rentals, and then kept boasting that his place was much better, and much nicer, more luxurious etc etc.
So I asked him, if his place is so much better, why doesn’t he have any bookings? He really had no clue… and I am not going to tell him. :slight_smile:

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I’m also very busy. I’m at the low end of the market and business continues to be brisk :slight_smile:

And yes it’s easy to over invest in your rental and lose sight of your customer base. That said I have focused on home improvements that I always wanted to do … and not much else. If it was mega important to guests to feel they were at the ritz they wouldn’t keep booking …

@Chris and @Zandra that is a great point. We started with ‘nothing’, charged almost nothing, and everybody had just a great time. The guests were fun and friendly, and left gifts and tips. It wasn’t a job, it was a lark. Now I’ve quit one of my jobs and we’ve invested a bunch of money (a good investment in any case)

I don’t really want ‘high-end’ prices, but I’d sure like to get close to what I’m paying when I travel. I can never find anything like what I offer for the price I charge - it’s always more money and much less quality.

One additional false expectation I struggle with is having almost 100 great reviews I expect people are going to pay more - but perhaps not.

@jaquo I pm’ed you a month or so ago; I thought you may not be interested.

There’s room for everyone. I don’t think you and I are targeting the same customers. If the changes were things you were going to do anyway it’s awesome; in any case I wasn’t thinking about you when I made my comment just generally agreeing with some of what @chris had said.

Yikes, I must have missed it. Sorry.

I totally agree - I was talking with a neighbor who wants to set up his back house as an airbnb listing and he was going on about the reno’s that he was going to do. Marble in the bathroom, custom cabinetry, wide plank oak floors, etc. I told him he was nuts to do such high end reno’s in our area (North New Jersey serving the NYC market), that he’d never get the kind of clientele that would pay top dollar for such a place - they’d simply find an airbnb on Central Park West. Now if it was for his own use, fine. Nobody will pay $300-400 a night for a two bedroom apartment here even if the faucets are gold and Evian comes out of the taps.


If you are getting a website done @konacoconutz is your gal for the copy.

And make sure your website designer understands how to optimise your site - so get the right people finding you.


I started booking in June and have had every weekend booked since. Thanksgiving through this coming Sunday was non stop with lots of weekdays too. Cray but I had to flip the house on both Christmas and New Years days. I presently have 95% of my weekends booked (short 3) til September. Loving it !$!$!$!

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