AirBnB promoting listings who'll Discount 20%

Hi we just got an email from AirBnb promoting a competing rental in our area. They are promoting it because they are offering a 20% discount for the next couple weeks. Is anyone else seeing this?
I’m not wild about AirBnB promoting our competitors who are eroding the pricing.
Cliff Keller

Yup. I get several of those a day. I have been offered this option as well, which I have chosen not to accept.


I get those when my rentals are slow and/or there is a new listing getting the new listing boost and I’ve been snooping competitors rates by looking for a booking in my area.

I liked it when I was getting the new listing boost—now that the discounts are competing with me I don’t like it. :rofl:


I am usually well booked in advance so ignore Air offers to reduce my prices eg. “there is one night free in March, reduce your price in March by 20% to improve bookings!”. Errm, no thanks. But I did hear from some guests that when they IB they get a message saying something like: “This place is usually booked so you are very lucky!”. Hmm, I can’t see the point of this at all. They have already booked and I would never treat my guests like I was doing them a favour accepting their booking. Really.

Wow - 20% is a lot! What city you’re listing at?

When I get those I open up another window, raise my prices then go back and allow the discount to go in effect.



@RiverRock they already find out about that so now they bring to top only listings who has current price lover than average booking price per day (from the confirmed bookings for the particular listing)

i suggest just ignore all those discount requests, people who get trapped in that will feel they was used after all