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AirBnB Pricing Software- Wheelhouse, Beyond Pricing, Smart Pricing etc

So I’ve been hosting for 6 years, and for the last 3 years it’s been my primary income stream. I was using Beyond Pricing for setting prices and loved it. I made so much more money. I would never have thought to charge what Beyond Pricing was advising for certain weekends.

I don’t like AirBnB Smart Pricing at all. They way undersell your property.

Anyway, during and after Covid I found that Beyond Pricing was not nearly as accurate as it used to be. Like there doesn’t seem to be any adjustment to current trends. Resulting in extreme under pricing and over pricing.

I’m currently giving Wheelhouse a try and like it, but it’s kind of buggy and much less intuitive. Just curious how people on here feel about pricing software. Also, does anyone know how Wheelhouse and Beyond Pricing work? Where do they get their date and what are the prices based on?


We use Price Labs, in part because:

  1. It is a flat fee per listing instead of a % of revenue
  2. It seems to have great functionality (and we pay the extra $10/month for their dashboard)
  3. It integrates seamlessly with YourPorter which then loads it directly into Airbnb for us

You have to be a bit careful (you’ll want to set your Max, Min and Base price points) so that it doesn’t go crazy. It definitely hones in on the supply vs. demand…maybe a bit too much so.

Interesting. I’m going to try Price Labs.

hey! I personally don’t work with smart pricing tools, see, i thinks there’s a disadvantage with letting a robot change your prices (unless of course you have many properties).
I use Airbtics and it has been great so far, I like theirs tools and their price is fair enough because their data is much accurate. You should take a look at it :grin:

What is Airbtics, never heard of it you have posted about it twice. This post was flagged as spam by a user, is it?

Please enlighten us


Hello River, how are you?

Why would it be spam? I am an active member of this forum and I try to interact and help with thing I have knowledge of.

Airbtics is data analytics tool similar to AirDNA, it’s a good alternative and since I have such a good experience working with them I try to recommend them when I can. They don’t provide smart pricing but they have accurate data (at least for my area) and a good CompSet. If you’d like to, you can visit their page and take a look at their products.

I’ll make sure to regulate my comment about these topics, don’t worry and thank you for asking first.
Cheers, Dan.

“They” do not undersell anything. You set the pricing parameters for the range you want. Airbnb price tips are always way below market, it’s an algorithm. Just because they suggest you use $29 a night doesn’t mean you should. The price tip for my private room is $49. I have it listed at $108 and am getting $130 (plus a cleaning fee) some nights but never lower than $108.

And Smart Pricing is free, built right in there.

Every host should do research for their own market before going live with a listing.

Active? Only in the literal definition, as other than this topic you’ve made a total of two posts in a week.



Hello John, I have been in this forum for less than two weeks I think, I am also a busy person hence I can’t stay on-line for much time.

I only interacted with these posts since I tought I have something to collaborate with.
I percieve the replies I have gotten as kind of “off”; I did no wrong and, as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t disrespect anyone or broke any rules. Many people recommend this forum to me and I was very excited to make good relations fellow hosts here but this situation is awful.

Sorry for the trouble I’ve caused if I did such.

Best regards, Dan.

What situation? That the active members here are very wary of anything that appears that it could be spam? Most members appreciate that we keep the promotional posts to a minimum.

It’s hard to imagine that someone would feel that was awful.

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Seven days actually and earlier today you had fifty percent, of your four posts, flagged as spam.

In my (very) humble opinion, that is a terminological inexactitude to such an extent that your undergarments must resemble the flames of the Phlegethon.

All in all, a good try fella.


Lol, I need to google Phlegethon now.


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