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Airbnb Prahran - dead on bookings

Hello fellow hosts, I am from Australia Melbourne Prahran, I’m so quiet at the moment I hardly have any bookings and no enquiries, I have lowered the price and still no hits. Maybe being winter can explain. Would really appreciate feedback from more experienced Aussie hosts.

Hi, im in WA. Been hosting since March only so not experienced . Winter has been pretty full but only 10 days booked in Aug so have blocked off the rest to do maintenance. Up until Dec 22 I’ve only a few weeks free. So many factors tho… I haven’t got much competition in my area, im the lowest price (by a fair bit but gradually edging up now that I’m getting busier) pool and kitchen are my highlights. (that may help me stand out)
How long have you been airbnbing? Whole house? Much competition? Can we see it?
Good luck

I used to live in Melbourne for 7 years (fitzroy north then northcote) :slight_smile:

Would of thought Prahran would be a pretty popular area whatever time of year.

Are there many people hosting?

What is the space? A room? House? Apartment?

How many reviews do you have?

Hello , I’m really not sure what the problem is, I did recently change from minimum 2 to a minimum 3 nights but can’t imagine that being an issue. Most of my booking were 3 nights plus anyway.
I have attached a link to my listing.

Hi Niika

I’m in Sydney and been hosting for about 15 months. It is really really quiet for me too. This time last year I was fielding several enquiries a week and was solidly booked.

One thing I noticed was that after about 9-12 months, my listing dropped from being on the first page for my area (Double Bay) and I suspect that may have an effect.

Are there suddenly more hosts in your area? There are in mine. Have the hotels/motels nearby dropped their prices to compete?

I’m personally happy to have it a bit quieter. The only thing I could suggest (although it’s probably not kosher) is to have lots of friends with Airbnb profiles send enquiries. Respond immediately and then they’ll decide not to book. It helped me get up the top in the beginning.

Good luck

Hi @Niika_Daria_Briskin,

Note that, as typically is the case with urls, that everything after the question mark is redundant.

I did a Melbourne search and your listing came up first.
The only thing I can see is that your listing is the furthest away from the city centre, Other than that it looks very appealing and so is the price.
I can’t see that the 2-3 night minimum would have any effect. I went from 2-4 and still get bookings.
Good luck with spring coming on, it’s been a particularly cold winter! (well over here anyway, Melbournes always cold!)

Thankyou for checking my listing! I appreciate the effort

I am on the border of SA/VIC, been hosting for 8 months now. July I had 23 nights booked and 16 so far for August. I think its just winter time having an effect…

I’m in Brisbane. August is very patchy for me, September is looking up though. August and May seem to be my worst months.

That’s a lovely listing.

The only thing you might consider changing, since you take up to 6 guests, is to move the red chair and put in a ‘real’ table and chairs set. If I’m renting an apartment for my family I want a place for us all to sit and eat - or play games. The table in the apartment should sit the number of people you’re renting to.

Just a small suggestions -


Hi Niika,

I’m sorry to hear your dead on bookings, using Air BnB to have photos taken is a great first step. Also adding small touches like breakfast and bathroom ammonites will help set your apartment apart from the rest.

Also if you post a link to your Air BnB listing we and the rest of the community could help provide further feedback.

Best wishes

You have a lovely space! I do have a small suggestion though. The area where your table and red chair is seems a bit awkward, and it appears you cannot see the TV well from the sofa. I’m wondering if you could figure a way to rearrange things to add a bigger table, as @dcmooney suggested, make a more cohesive seating arrangement, make the TV viewable from said seating arrangement, and maybe add a coffee table so those sitting on the sofa have a place to set things?

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