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Airbnb Policy on Earplugs


I bought individually wrapped earplugs by the case from Amazon. I place these on the bed and also have a white noise machine and a ceiling fan. I am clear in my description


I’m not sure if Airbnb outsourced to a different company, but the CS agents I’ve had within the last year are abysmal. They often miss the point of my issue, give stupid resolutions*, and don’t know their own TOS/policies.

To answer your original question, of course there is no policy against offering ear plugs. You got a cowboy agent that’s making :poop: up as they go.

In fact, they mention earplugs as a solution to noise issues in their official blog (under the “unexpected noises” heading). So tell that idiot to put that in his pipe and smoke it.

*Their rule sets weren’t working. It wouldn’t allow me to block Sunday checkout on a 3-day holiday weekend. The agent said she’d get it working. She did so by blocking ALL Sunday checkouts in perpetuity.

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