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Airbnb Plus Program -- anyone else who thinks the new photos suck?


I’ve kept my old listings, with the original photos. There’s no point making a new one with either the old or new photos, as the originals are perfectly good already.


Absolutely not, although I managed to delete a few that were nonsensical.

Here’s the link to message the Plus team;-


It takes them ages to respond. With two listings (separate offerings in our B&B) I ended up communicating with two individuals who clearly had the same script. It was a pointless exercise, other than learning how defensive they are about their beloved photographers and process. I pulled out in despair.


Sounds good but I understood that you could only do plus if you used their pics. I guess if you stick with your iriginal pics and listing it won’t be added to plus?


Yes. I had some pics added because there were aspects missing, that I felt were important. I originally wanted to see if there were photographer pictures that could be used, but after a bunch of back and forth I got someone who was willing to work with me. I’m about to start the process again, because I’ve done some extensive landscaping that I need to have the pics updated. Here’s the email I had gotten that clarified how the submitted pics should be taken:

Thank you for your email.

We do not have any additional images which is why the design team cropped and photoshopped the images you provided to highlight the areas you wanted shown on your listing.

If you are not happy with these images please supply images you would be happy to see included on your listing and I can submit them to see if they can be added to your listing. When sending on the photos please consider the following:

Please send images in JPEG format
taken in daylight
match Plus “style” of square on shots
no filters or editing
as high quality as possible

I look forward to receiving the new images for submission.

Kindest regards,



I wish I could find Karen! Gia is not responding ….

Interesting about the “style” of the square on shots.


the “square on” style explains a lot.


Thanks for the email address Joan, I’ll see if I get anywhere with them. Most likely I’ll probably pull out as well though, it all seems a bit of a shambles.


I like the first one best.



We had exactly the same experience. We already had professional photos before, we had some new decoration and new floors put in so we decide to use airbnb professional photography. I though they would be better or on the listing it will show, airbnb certified pictures. Turns out the photos are terrible, overexposed, I called them number of times and they have me send in the pictures to show the problems, I send in my other photos with theirs and point out the problems. No response at all.
And I disappointed nothing says on the picture or listing that those pictures were taken by airbnb professionals.


I sure am glad they paid me and not the other way around. I was invited to participate. The photographer went over a list and checked off items; I got a list of things I needed to address (minor things) by a deadline, for which I received $350. I did not have to pay for the photography.


Thanks for your post; some thoughts:

  1. From my own experience with ABNB+, I learned the photography is only as good as the photographer, and the better ones are those who take iniative to be creative and yet compliant with ABNB+ guidelines. They are contracted out, so it’s somewhat hit or miss, and the reviews of them (by the hosts) should weed out those that should not be used.

  2. I agree with @RiverRockRetreat in that I prefer the look of the Plus image to your image. Your picture makes the room look cramped. I realize that the Plus Image offers little perspective of the room however I think that picture combined with another shot (17/41) that you have of the bed provides enough insight into the room. Then you can edit out 18/41 and 20/41 which are redundant.

  3. Your place is really beautifully done, very clean and fresh, however what I found a little disrupting were the lighting changes (i.e. 3/41 and 4/41) as well as multiple images of the same thing (but with different lighting). I’d edit out the darker photographs, and use those the bright sunny ones, to keep it consistent.

Despite the challenges with losing some control, the long delays in getting changes done, and having to answer more questions (from guests) because there aren’t enough “informative photos”, I will say that ABNB+ has been very good business wise -> I’ve raised my rates and had higher occupancy (when I compare year to year Progress reports). Worth considering.


Thank you so much. This is why I love this forum. Gia got back to me and, since they are overwhelmed with requests to change the photos, they can’t get back to me for weeks or even a month. So, I will use their photos and see what happens. But, I’m not using the one of the Kleenex box! :wink: I’ll let you know how it goes.


This is what I am requesting. Let’s see if they (ever) reply:

I’ve edited the professional photos. What I would like to add/substitute: 1. Master Bedroom – shot from the foot of the bed to show the entire bed with headboard wall; shot of shelves to the left of the bed (detail); reshoot of the photo to the left of the bed towards the closet, with the bedroom door closed. 2. Bathroom – add a shot of the shower tower, as this is a big selling point of my place. 3. Kitchen – detail photo of the pears (I have this shot from the original professional photographer). 4. Entrance – add my photo of the stairs, as it is important for guests to know that there is a full flight of stairs with no landing! 5. Outdoor Space – I would like to add my photo of a deer. 6. Patio – Upper deck should be shot from the other direction (I have that photo); lower deck needs to be added – it is a really important aspect to my listing.

Please advise as soon as possible.

Also, 7. Half bathroom – another shot showing more than the tiny sink.

All outdoor photos need to be re-shot in the summer to really sell my property.


Airbnb’s last response (but I’m not giving up): I’m sorry to let you know that we aren’t able to do this. We don’t do reshoots and cannot change the current state of your photos. Plus photos are taken according to a specific style.


I don’t mind the Plus photos in your case, actually (although I usually hate them!). I just think they did the crop too tight. Maybe it would be worth seeing if the photographer could just do a re-crop of the images to show more of the picture. He wouldn’t have to re-shoot.


Yes, particularly given that the instruction they give to hosts regarding shooting a good photo is to shoot into the corner. Wish they’d make up their minds …


Persistence works! I got a reply this morning from Airbnb – they are allowing me to add my own photos, as long as the photos meet their criteria. All I need is to find someone with a 300 pixel camera.


I think the whole Plus program sucks.

The most obvious top guns are SH’s. The new criteria is a very high bar. It’s now SHPlus.

If you want a luxury offering, call it Airluxe. $250 a night minimum. And for God’s sake stop trying to sell Ikea to the Gentry.

If you want a tightly controlled Airbnb division for hotel lovers, call it Airsuite. There is nothing posh in 8 hangers and acres of white. And sell it to corporate.

There are a lot of very smart hosts out there. Stick with the winners.


I’ve been looking for a place in a major US city that doesn’t have Plus yet and let me tell you I’m sick of looking at all white rooms with aqua and yellow throw pillows. LOL. So Plus or not there is plenty of generic faux MCM uncomfortable looking stuff out there.


Plus as we know it now is a home based Holiday Inn.

A bespoke listing in the $250 plus range is a separate segment. They don’t need to be told what to colour the baseboards. But they could use support, i e., A tie in with luxe travel purveyors. You are not in the hotel business. You are in the luxury business.

What about the Walmart shopping mom and pop prole that keep pulling off 5 stars for $30 a night? You know, home baked hospitality? A lot of companies have ignored their greatest assets for glamor.

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