AirBNB Payments

As far as I know there are two payment options with AirBNB - paypal or a bank transfer which takes 7 days which confuses me as I can transfer money to a friend’s bank account within two hours.

Does anyone know another method or get bank transfer faster than seven days?

I am in the UK.

Here in the US I get my payment by bank transfer the next day


I get an email the next day to say we have released in your payment and it will be in your account x days later. Today my email said that payment has been released and will be in your account by the 29th.

Mine says it will be x days later but it shows on my bank statement online the next day. Maybe its a bank issue not an airbnb issue.

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Mine is bank transfer and comes the next day after I get the email. Is this your first payout? I remember my first one took agggess, at least a week

On the first full day of the stay, I get notification that it is in my PayPal account. Transferring to my personal account takes about 3 days

PayPal causes at least a two day delay. I have mine set on bank transfer, and it is sent way before 24 hours. Usually at 2 in the morning, just a few hours after guest check in.

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I get my payments paid to the UK. You are right - PayPal or bank transfer only. I get paid by Bank transfer and it’s usually in my account with the TSB in 4 days after payment is released. Sounds like your bank is the issue.

Fraggles as you’re in the UK PayPal is probably your best option assuming your bank accepts faster payments. I am also UK (unlike a few giving you advice in here!) and bank with Santander and I can get my hands on the money the same day it’s paid out to Paypal, whereas If you choose the payment to be credited to your bank account you’ll need to wait a few days to get access.

The important thing is whether your bank accepts faster payments. If they do, you can get the funds in your account two hours after they hit your PayPal.

You should recommend a UK bank that offers fast acceptance,

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Far easier for the OP to ask his bank if they do, than for me to trawl through the internet doing unnecessary research. Note I already said Santander do faster payments as do co-operative. I expect the other big banks would do also

PS just read this and I sound snippy. Not at all just quickly banging out an answer because my food just arrived !! :wink:

Not only does PayPal cause a delay, I’ve read countless times here and on other Airbnb message boards that when there is a problem with an Airbnb payment sent to PayPal both sides say that the other one is causing the problem.

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Yes seen lots of complaints about PayPal and never understood. I’ve found it to be reliable and the fastest way to get at my money !

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Yes I get PayPal seems to take longer elsewhere which is why I drew the OP’s attention to faster payments. In the UK it takes 2 hours to move from PayPal to your bank account using faster payments and its standard with most banks. It originally came in with our membership of the EU (another benefit I suppose most brits will have overlooked when deciding to vote for Brexit)

You know you can do this with phone or tablet apps. Nearly all banks have mobile deposit now. As long as I deposit before 5pm it’s credited the same day. No bikes, no banks, no bouffants. :smiley:


TRansfer from abroad goes through at least two other banks before it arrives here…there is the SWIFT code, and other intermediaries. I have never waited more than 3 days for it to actually arrive in my checking account. Once it showed up the next day.

It depends on your bank/credit union more than anything. I have always used PayPal and have a local credit union. Air has deposited the funds into my PayPal account 24 hours after guest check in every single time like clockwork. If i transfer from PayPal to my credit union, it generally takes one business day.

I’ve never had issues.

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Same here, shows up the next business day. I am in the US.