Airbnb owners' seminar

My two-bedroom Airbnb is in a semi-remote mountain area of Northern California. But there are several surrounding tourist sites that attract guests: 20 wineries, fine-dining restaurants, big-name outdoor summer concerts, 1849 Gold Rush-era living-history towns, 300-foot-tall sequoia redwood trees that are 2,000 years old, three golf courses, snow ski resort, and more.

I have proposed to our local tourism office they host an information seminar for area Airbnb and VRBO owners. Discussion topics could include:

A. How Airbnbs/VRBOs can be posted on the county tourism office website’s “lodging” web page for free.

B. Photo tips to best display guestrooms and amenities online and suggested wording to best describe the rental properties.

C. How to obtain free brochures of area sightseeing venues and how best to best display this tourist literature in guestrooms.

D. Purchasing a private website and what information and weblinks to post on it. I pay $85 annually through the WebStarts website company.

E. Effective business cards and rack cards for advertising.

F. Buying Airbnb/VRBO display ads in regional newspapers.

G. Partnering with local restaurants and wine tasting rooms for guest discounts.

After the presentation, there would be a break-out session for Airbnb and VRBO owners to discuss their hosting issues and ideas amongst themselves at several tables.

Our county’s tourism office attempted this a few years ago, but they focused on “social media” advertising for Airbnb/VRBO owners. Sadly, the seminar failed, as too many attendees, using their laptop computers, logged-on and weakened the building’s limited Internet Wi-Fi signal the program needed.

Have any of you attended and/or organized an Airbnb/VRBO owners’ information seminar?