Airbnb opportunity

Hi everyone, I am an host on Airbnb in Lisbon but currently living in London. I would like to open a discussion on the forum to see if someone might be interested in the idea of renting his/her property for filming shoot. If so and would like to hear more please feel free to contact me! Thanks you and Look forward to hear from you

A filming shoot where?

Hi Helsi I am developing a sort of market place for film locations in London/UK and hopefully soon in other countries in Europe. Same concept of Airbnb but for film shoot locations. I have often used airbnb for domestic locations and most hosts allow shoots so I tought to post an open conversation on the forum. I hope is not inappropriate.

You mean like this person?

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  1. Someone else came on here a few months back and had set up an film location website for hosts. Would recommend you have a look at that thread. He was suggesting silly money for hosts to do this.

  2. I am surprised to see most hosts allow shoots - can you link to the statistic that demonstrates this.

  3. If I want to use my property for film shoots/ads etc I would use a film location company who cover relevant insurance, permissions etc

It’s not inappropriate to discuss on a host forum, just not sure how much market research you have done and your knowledge/experience of how film and photo shoots work.

I totally agree with you Helsi, and the film shoot requires a lot of work and legal requirements which we obviously can cover. I am a film producer and location manager and I understand the process quite well. Unfortunately there are no statistics to demonstrate hosts allows shoots, is more about personal experience and other film producers experience.
My project is pretty big and the marketplace is just a one part of the whole… I just wanted to see if someone would be interested in know more and I will definetively have a look at the thread. I I will soon link the message to the website of our project,

Always interested to know more I managed the film location service for a major London borough a few years back, so understand the subject a little :slight_smile:

The question you would need to answer is why would hosts use your company over a traditional film location agency.

I would definitely be interested to hear more about your experience and your feedbacks Helsi. Project is still in development but will give a different service compare to the traditional location agencies service.

Not the same type of project but thank you for the suggestion.

I can’t give you any feedback as I don’t know what you are offering and how it’s different from the traditional set up.

If you are just looking to offer a website, where BNB hosts (or others) can register a property and name their price, it’s the same as other websites we have seen here on this forum.

Hard to tell based on your description. Sounds like you have a very specific set of goals, but aren’t willing to share just yet. You will when you are ready.

I will soon link the message to the website of our project.thank you