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AirBnB Open 2014 Host Conference


So apparently AirBnb and hosting a conference just for hosts. Anyone going? If so maybe you can report any news/developments that AirBnb has in store for hosts for the new year?



Yes, I was there for the weekend. A new dashboard was presented and available to the attendees. It will be available January 2015. They spoke about liability insurance, which is already in the news. Peer-to-peers classes were held on the first day. And in 2015 the conference will be in Paris and they want to have 5k to 10k hosts.


Thanks for the inside scoop Evelyn. Wow that would be a pretty big conference next year!


Thanks for the update, @Evelyn! Is the dashboard available to you now? Any chance you could share a screenshot or describe what it looks like? Thanks!

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