Airbnb on The Blacklist

Anyone else watch this show? The latest episode showed Reddington staying in a rental and mentioning that he’d got it through (quote) “something BnB?” He described it as a genius idea and basically ‘a license to print money’. Now he’s going to set up a whole network of “safe houses” for criminals with the help of a mailman… utterly preposterous nonsense, of course, but just thought it was interesting to see Air mentioned in yet another high-profile TV show.


I find the show Blacklist oddly appealing.

Here is what on the Enterainment weekly website:

"For me, this whole episode is kind of just a means to an end; that end, of course, being the gift of seeing Red and Dembe play a heated game of Bananagrams — “PEEL!” — as Red waxes poetic about what a great business idea Airbnb is, and how it’s basically “a license to print money.” It seems purely whimsical, but this will come back later. "

I’m surprised it’s lasted so long. actually. There is so much that is crap about it, just SO much utter crap. But it is still appealing, as you say. The soundtrack is probably the best thing about it and Spader, of course.

I’m mostly intrigued, though, by how Airbnb is being mentioned in various shows. Modern Family did it a while back but that seems to have been dropped now.

You actually watch that kind of dreck? I’ve got better things to do with my life – make music, read books, make musical instruments, walk on the beach, practice T’ai Ch’i, talk with my partner, cook fabulous food…


@kenH. I’m hoping you were trying to be sarcastic funny in your bashing of the show and listing things you do that are better.

If you aren’t trying to be funny, two things to consider: 1. @Magwitch is sharing info for discussion & knowledge that a tool most of us use is getting mention on national programming, which is interesting to know. 2. The discussion is not about the value of the show so I’m not sure why you would feel compelled to bash how others spend their downtime.

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Airbnb has been mentioned on Modern Family and Blacklist…any others that people can list here?

I’ve cut the cable in my personal residence so I watch Netflix and Amazon prime so most of the shows I can watch are at least one season out of date. I’m curious what other shows are giving Airbnb exposure.

@Annet3176 Yeah, I’m hoping that was a joke too otherwise feeling massively embarrassed for Ken right now. The bit about the Tai Chi :rofl:.

I’ve never see the show but I might start watching it for James Spader alone!



I agree with @Magwitch–the music and Spader are the appealing parts of the show. To me the story line is bizarre and the characters feel like they came out of bad comic book but I watch it on Netflix anyway.

I like the Blacklist - pure escapism and isn’t that what we offer at our places?


…be rude to people who are posting harmless things to an internet forum…


Hi @KenH,

That all sounds very cool, especially the musical instruments making. I think I read somewhere that you were a professional chef too. Unless I’m confusing you with someone else. But you should be careful not to give other forum members a complex. :slight_smile:

(Warning, tangents follow.)

I’ve read that Americans, for example, average 4 hours of TV a night, despite their busy lives. I don’t suppose anyone knows why, but my personal theory is to numb the pain of existence. Sometimes this is combined with alcohol, which is known to serve a similar function…

Personally, these days I use my computer for TV watching. Last night I was watching Glee videos. That’s the US TV show Glee, to be clear. I don’t really know why - see above. Though I do enjoy song and dance in moderation.

LOL. Took the words right off of my fingertips!

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@KenH, I was about to compose a sincere apology for being such an inferior human being but I’ve just noticed that there’s a repeat episode of Honey Boo Boo about to start so it’ll have to wait, I’m afraid.


Yes, that was indeed the original intention of making the thread, thanks Annet!

I am not familiar with the rules about mentioning products in TV shows but I imagine it is extremely intricate and you need to be very careful. So it’s interesting when Airbnb is referenced directly in a popular show which I’m pretty sure they did in Modern Family. Presumably that was some kind of product placement and paid for? Then there are oblique references, as in the Blacklist, which are slightly negative. That kind of publicity is huge and must have far more impact than a regular TV commercial.

Anyway, if anyone knows of other shows that have referenced Airbnb it would be interesting to know. @Jacquo (still miss her :() and I discussed Air being referenced on the Archers, a BBC Radio 4 soap opera that has been going since 1950 and has a massive audience in the UK.


I don’t really watch much TV. I should be embarrassed to say I watch stuff like the NFL and the Voice but thanks to Ken I no longer feel abashed about it.


I’ve been racking my brain but cannot recall the show. Someone was asking celebrities questions to see what they knew and the host was asking (I believe Meghan McCain) or some daughter of a politician a question… she didn’t know the answer was Airbnb.

But Ellen DeGeneres has had Airbnb as an establishment that gives out give aways to the entire audiences during the holiday season. Huge exposure.

I don’t think KenH intended to be insulting to members of this forum. At worst, he was being thoughtless. I’ve said similar things myself, and all I meant by it that TV in general sucks - and there are better ways to spend the time. Though unlike Ken, I still do watch TV, though. And I would happy agree that a lot of what I watch sucks.

And I doubt I would be offended if people made pejorative remarks about a TV show I actually liked. Since I don’t talk about TV to people much at all, that practically never happens, though, so it’s a bit of a theoretical possibility.

Example: once upon a time I watched a show called “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. And I think my viewing preferences did evoke a few patronizing and negative remarks. But I don’t remember being overly concerned about that. And Buffy is practically Mozart compared to a lot of stuff that gets shown on US TV.

So what did he intend, I wonder…! I’m not insulted at all, though. Like Kittyp, I felt a bit embarrassed for him. I find it the height of ignorance and bad manners to sneer at somebody else’s taste and to boast that you are somehow superior because you do not share it.
Anyway, we all make mistakes (like you watching Glee… joke!!) so no harm done.

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Last year I saw a sit-com where the two main characters rented out their apartment for the night on Airbnb and they slept on the roof. Of course lots of drama ensued. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the show.
I was travelling across the USA at the time with 5 friends and we were staying in an Airbnb and in the morning as we were checking out we discovered the owner had slept the night in his garage.

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The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - I can’t remember what season, but the episode addresses hipster culture and gentrification issues - hilariously, imho. I love Tina Fey, (producer of the show)