Airbnb OMG winners - some fun ideas


It will be fun to see them when they are finished. Most of them I have no idea from the name what it will be like.

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The opening flower, flower pot & Pink Floyd prism rock ‘n roll house are pictured.

The rocket silo was featured on an explorer show & the host blurted something like “this would make a great place to stay”.

I’m grooving on the thought of the dinosaur head house.

Thinking out loud….
Is this $100 k in US dollars or on the local currency?
The exchange rate at the moment US to Au is pretty favourable!


OH MAN, I wanted to be chosen so badly! I have just THE BEST designs and sustainability and no dough for for visions completion… :(((( :sleepy:
I must say those all look like just the most pie in the sky type ideas, not like mine where I own actual land have drawings and materials…


Based upon the site you have for the Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway I can imagine it would’ve been great.

I’m impressed you entered. I considered it but didn’t follow through.

Thank you!
I hadn’t a rendering such as most of these winners had