Airbnb Offering Discount on My Listing

When Airbnb posts this on the Price Breakdown of your listing: “This place’s nightly price is 22% off. Get details on the listing’s page,” does this mean Airbnb is offering the discount and I still get my full price? There’s no such discount on my listing’s price that I’ve approved.

Did you just drop the price on that night? If you drop the price enough, it will show a decrease like that and they present it as a discount. Kind of annoying.

Also, if you are using the Non-Refundable option, it will show as if there’s a discount because there is a discount for booking it non-refundable, but this seems a little skeezy as well ,)

I haven’t dropped the price, but I forgot about the nonrefundable discount. I should turn that off. It even implies there’s a discount when you choose the regular option. Most of our guests pay the full price anyway.

Nvrd, it still implies there’s a discount. Prolly bc I have Smart Pricing turned on.

There’s a guy in my neighborhood who is using the Non-Refundable option and I’ve noticed that it always looks like he’s giving a discount.