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I can’t understand why all the regulations are fixated only over Airbnb…
There are many other sources that people use to do short terms . There is VRBO and major rental platforms like booking.com and Expedia and others who existed long before Airbnb .
I went back to booking.com after 3 years because they changed many things around and now it’s much easier to deal with them.
There is also Craigslist that I have big success with …I have really good guests from there …and good part is I can interview them beforehand and check their background before accepting .
Often my guests find me first through Air and then just Google me by busines name and contact me directly.
Last year only 17% of my guests came through Air.
Not sure how Airbnb manages to get such bad publicity. I catch myself feeling timid when I tell people that I use Airbnb to rent out my properties … Noone attacks booking .com , no one asks booking.com.for records and puts any limitations . Booking basically copied Airbnb giving hosts same options as Air and now you can even leave review for guests privately .
Has anyone ever heard name of VRBO as it comes to negative publicity or Craig’s list ? They carry the same functions as Air but noone is on their case


I think the regulators are focusing on Airbnb because the design of Air’s platform has made it so easy - HomeAway and VRVO do only whole homes, typically managed by their owner and tend to have historically a more mature audience. Air’s combative stance and new users (renters/landlords turning apartments into STRs with disregard of local laws, renters breaking other laws/their lease conditions (drugs/raves/events/etc)) Good to know about your success w/other platforms. Here in NYC I feel like Air has a target on their back.

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There are over 50,000 STRs available on Airbnb in NYC.

VRBO seems like they have just over 5,000.

I’m sure BOOKING has even less.

That’s why Airbnb is targeted.

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