Airbnb now illegal in Montgomery County, Maryland

Host posted in Host Club that she has received a notice. Back to monthly!!

She got notice of violation or a notice of a new law?

Violation. New law says 30 days or longer. I will continue until my letter arrives.

Who sent the notice? The government or Air?

Montgomery County govt.

How do they know people are doing Air? Or was it just a blanket mail out?

Nope. They included a copy of her Air listing in the envelope. I will share mine word for word when I get it

But HOW do they know it’s her? Unless you show the outside of your house… how can they be sure it is actually HER?

According to this article it’s only technically illegal and they are working on that. Maybe she’s in violation of something else?

Interesting thought. Host wrote that she received a ‘Letter from DHHS advising to immediately cease operation’

“I just received a letter from the county saying that I am in violation of montgomery County Code, Chapter 54, and I am subject to punishment for a class A violation as set forth in section 1-19 of Chapter 1 of the County Code. The letter included a printout of my airbnb listing.”

Think about it though. How can they give legal notice to someone who may not even show the exterior their actual home, don’t list their address, and don’t show the host’s last name.

How does this serve as actual legal notice?

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Idk! As I said, when I get my letter I’ll share it.


maybe they stayed there incognito?

Interesting - I’m right next door to this county.

I just spoke to MoCo Health and Human Services, they have a list of all Airbnb hosts. They could easily get a list using the internet and our guests pay the hotel tax on these rentals, already, it is well documented.