Airbnb notes we have room for improvement after guest gave only 4*

Following a long run of all 5* reviews we finally get a 4 based on value. Actual written review was all positive. Why are guests allowed to rate on value without reason, as so long as host provided everything as was promised and guest knew what they were getting and for how much before they booked.
How can we “improve”.Our prices are lower than most of competition.

Following that notice, we increased prices about 20% and Feb and Mar are fully booked. If we are going to be accused of bad value we may as well be guilty and get rewarded for it.


So… Airbnb actually sent you a message?

I worry if a single “4” after a long string of "5"s triggers a message, it also triggers a demotion in visibility, even though your average (I expect) hardly changed.

If you don’t mind sharing, what was the wording, and how did they deliver it?

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They wrote that guest had given a 4* review so means that there is room for improvement so read guests review in case they gave further details.
Dropped our overall rating by only
Fact is guest knew how much and what was offered before booking. Even told us they would be back! Obviosly we will turn down any future bookings from them. Unfortunately we gave them a 5* review.

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What do you mean “unfortunately”? Were they good, 5* guests? If so, they deserved the 5* rating. Just because they didn’t leave you a 5* review doesn’t mean the 5* review is unwarranted. Guest ratings aren’t meant to be based on what rating they leave for you.


Why do you say that it was based on “value”? Did the guests leave feedback regarding the value or something?

That’s a weird way to think about guests, that they are ‘allowed’ to do things. Guests are people, not some strange breed created to irritate you. And people have free will. (Mostly!)

Remember that many of your guests can think that their stay was marvellous, that you were a fantastic host but a simple issue can make them leave a four star review.

Also, people aren’t necessarily logical.

In the days before the internet, a B & B’s visitors’ book had a fantastic comment from a guest couple about how they loved the place, loved the area, enjoyed the local pub, loved the value-for-money and raved about everything. It was one of the best reviews ever.

It continued:

‘Our holiday was only marred by the sad death of Princess Diana, the people’s princess. So three stars’

See what I mean? Illogical.



4* doesn’t indicate “bad” anything. Nor is a less than 5* review rating an “accusation”.
4* s is what Airbnb tells guests means “good”.

And Airbnb didn’t “write” that you have room for improvement. It’s a computerbot generated message, seems rather silly to take it personally. Like their absurd price tips, it’s something you can easily ignore or laugh at.

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There’s always room for improvement. But I think that you’re confusing price with value.

Our rentals are anything but cheap. They aren’t low-priced at all. But I know that our guests get great value. Value and price are very different.

A low price and providing everything that’s mentioned on your listing doesn’t mean you give your guests 5-star value.


i definitely decided to opt for financial gain over 5* reviews… it seems more and more people are never satisfied or don’t think that anything is worth 5* all round, so we may as well make the money to pay for the therapy that these guests drive us to with all their negativity :rofl: