Airbnb not paying hosts

Hi fellow hosts,

Can anyone advise what action we can take against Airbnb for not releasing payouts for 2+ months?
We have an Airbnb in Oaxaca City and have not received a payout since 9th June 2023.

I have had frequent contact with many Airbnb Support Leads who have each given different ideas. Have any of you had any dealings with these responses?

  1. There is a bug in the payouts - our case has been sent various times to engineers who are “still working on this problem”
  2. Payoneer need the bank account holder’s ID - They couldn’t identify the reference number Airbnb gave us to find our bank account details.
  3. The Mexican government is retaining our payouts for tax purposes - They retain 16% off all of our reservations and our payouts are still being processed before they can even go to the government.

I have been patient until I received this message from Airbnb Support:

Airbnb Support
Hi Sophia,

This case is really serious.

I think you should investigate how to make a complain to any Consumer or Costumer Authority in your country, either Great Britain or Mexico.

This money is yours, not Airbnb’s. A delay of more than a month of a missing payout, where you haven’t received any conclusive response from us, is very serious.

There are several problems with payouts, and we manage to solve all of them because we get to understand what is causing the issue. This is some different situation.

In my position, there is absolutely nothing I can do, besides these reports, waiting for someone to understand what’s going on with you payouts.

I’m really in tune with your feelings, Sophia


Any advice or ways to take action, legally or on social media, would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

August 1

Hi [@Alex08] I’d love to know if this got resolved? did you get your missing payouts and did they start paying you as normal? This situation is sounding exactly the same as mine and I’m at a loss at what to do.
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Hi Sophia - I finally got paid after 45 days of inexplicable delays regarding 3 payouts.

In 2023 I had 3 payout delays - the other two endured for 14 and 32 days.

Since then payments have been on time and all my payments are up to date at present.

If Airhost Forums had independent host moderators - not Airbnb puppet moderators - this thread would not have been improperly and prematurely closed down and I could have regularly updated members on progress on my original thread.

If my original thread is re-opened I will update members on exactly how I finally forced a solution and after 45 days delay - finally got my 3 missing payouts paid within 24 hours - plus an apology - plus a compensation payment - and this will be supported by photos of my correspondence with AIRBNB.

As I’ve always said - AIRBNB is a great booking platform - the best in the world - I now have 26 big group AIRBNB reservations up until May 2024 - that’s why I have put up with its negative aspects - but their host support staff system seriously sucks and absolutely needs to be reformed or replaced and it’s most unfortunate that a website purporting to act in the interests of Airbnb hosts would stifle any murmur of discontent about it.


This is the original thread that was improperly and prematurely, closed down because the Moderator who closed it doesn’t approve of AIRBNB hosts criticising AIRBNB - this is the title of the POST - apparently we are not permitted to post links to internal posts so I can’t post the link:
[Is airbnb going bust - if it can’t pay hosts on time - it’s technically bankrupt!]

Hi Alex, thank you for your response! Did you need to make any changes to your payout method or bank account? or were the payouts finally released as normal after 45 days? It’s baffling, no one from Airbnb can give me a straight, honest answer.

After 3 years of painstakingly and lovingly building up my Airbnb business, it’s devastating to see it being destroyed by Airbnb. This is the 2nd month I can’t pay rent and my landlord is ready to kick us out, understandably! I’m at a loss at what to do.

I would love to know how you got an apology and compensation payment. If you could privately inbox me how you achieved this, I would be eternally grateful.

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Sophia - ignore the support staff nonsense about your payout method being at fault - it is a false flag to try to deflect focus from the true source of the fault - AIRBNB PAYOUTS TEAM - who I suspect are instructed to delay some payouts (mainly bigger payouts) to help with company cash flow - keep servicing your AIRBNB clients because during my 45 day delay I received 3 new payouts, subsequent in time from my three missing payouts, all promptly from AIRBNB.

Once my improperly and prematurely closed thread is reopened - hopefully today - I will show you exactly how I finally resolved the matter so all members of this forum who might encounter the same missing payouts problem in future can benefit from the information.

Thanks Alex, I managed to read through your thread and it sounds like a total nightmare. I will keep an eye out for how you managed to resolve the issues. I have just had a supervisor call me, so let’s hope she has more answers.

I would understand them delaying my payouts if they were large amounts, but they aren’t. The biggest payout is $800 USD so they’re going after a very small fish delaying our payouts. I’m not sure how far they could go with our total of $3,000 USD they owe us. Which is a lot for us in Mexico and we have monthly rent and staff to pay. It’s going to be hard to trust Airbnb again after all of this.

[quote=“Alex08, post:2, topic:58239”]If
Airhost Forums had independent host moderators - not Airbnb puppet moderators - this thread would not have been improperly and prematurely closed down and I could have regularly updated members on progress…

As I recall, your thread was closed because you ranted and repeated yourself endlessly in all caps, and were insulting other posters. As you continue to do here. It had nothing to do with “criticizing Airbnb”. And the mods here are just hosts who volunteer their time- this is an independent forum.



Just checking that you are not referring to this forum. Kindly confirm.


After 10 years as a host i have just had my first payout not released. It is not a lot of money, but they hhave no.logical explanation. And no matter how many individuals i talk to they all close the thread. What is up with that?

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So, you want to hear something crazy? I’ve got this client in Malibu, CA, who’s doing pretty well with some Airbnb properties. My team and I clean for them all the time.

One day, a guest starts complaining about slow Wi-Fi. My client gets the cable company on it and asks me to make sure the tech guy doesn’t make a mess. So, I head over there myself instead of sending one of my cleaners.

Everything’s working great. The Wi-Fi? Blazing fast. But get this: the guest packs up, leaves, and makes one complaint to Airbnb. And just like that, a $10,000 stay is gone. They got refunded over Wi-Fi! Can you believe it? It’s wild how things work sometimes with Airbnb support, I feel they are more guestsentric these days