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Airbnb new changes on their Terms of Service

I got an email recently to warn me about an upcoming update on the current Terms of Service. The link that it´s attached takes you to a document that blends both old and new versions but I’m not sure where are the new changes though I suspect are the ones in ALL CAPS. I have tried to examine the document and I found it very hard to read it. Did any of you find or note something on what we should be worry about?

Yeah I got this as well and it told me I need to accept them but I couldnt find where to do this.

The only new information I could work out is the fee is us as hosts cancel on a guest - one free cancellation every 6 months and $50 fee beyond this.

Did you notice it is very clear that we are all independent contractors? This fact makes it against their TOC to direct us to accept infants for free - they can not control how we do our job.


That’s just terrible - if anything they make more waste/mess.

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Especially if you are sharing rooms in your home - you get to listen to the little cutie cry. and cry. and cry…

From what I read the terms has less to do from how the service works and more of how they are not responsible of what we do with its usage

Do not accept babies or children unless your house is fully childproofed! To deny, simply say: I am so sorry, but my house is not child/baby proof. Please find a place that is suitable for hosting families with children.

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