Airbnb messaging failure

I’ve just had a no-show and messaged her to check that everything was ok. She sent me a text letting me know that she’d messaged earlier in the day to say that she couldn’t make it due to a pet crisis.
This is the second time that messages I’ve sent or been sent to me haven’t got through. I could send texts instead of messages but everything I read suggests it’s best to always message. Anybody else had similar issues?

I have received messages from guests long after their check-out to arrange the check-in time. As it turns out, the guest had replied to an Airbnb text message. It took 2 months for Airbnb to figure out this was in relation with my conversation with here.

Airbnb is often unreliable when the message is sent by emails or by text message. The best way to message a guest is always to send the message on or within their mobile app.

That’s the frustrating thing. I only ever use the app or website messaging and never reply via the email or text message, but it seems that this is what she did, so that’s where the problem lies.

Sorry, I got the impression from your first post above that this was an issue with texting, not using the Airbnb platform. The only problem I have had with the app is that guests see the first few sentences of your message popping up on their home screen but some don’t realise that they need to actually go to the app to see the complete message.


Isn’t that so annoying? I wish air would just send the entire message or say “click here for an important message from your host.” It seems like at least twice a week if not more, I get the dreaded “your message got cut off!” and I have to ask them to go check their Airbnb account–in the 140-odd characters allowed–and I have no room to explain why it happens without sounding standoffish and curt.

Exactly. I write pretty long messages to guests both before they arrive and on the day before checkout. It so frustrating when I realise that they haven’t read the full message.