Airbnb merchandise

Is there any? I saw on Ebay an Airbnb magazine, where does this come from? Does anyone have it? Are they any good?

On your laptop click “Terms, Privacy, Currency & More” at the bottom of the screen that comes up when you sign in to Airbnb. Under Discover, find Airbnbmag. Read all about it there. :slight_smile:
No idea who is paying $4 USD per issue. How much is it on eBay? I looked there, but could not find it.

Hi @Maria_Flygare: LOL this is funny because I just put my free copy of AirbnbMag in my other business, a Family Entertainment Center. It was just ok. It did have a few interesting articles about other places. The focus was on Copenhagen in this one. You can pay for a subscription trough the app on your dashboard, scroll down to the bottom. It is under the Discover column

you can read it online (for free) or subscribe for a hardcopy

I get it at no cost, I just put them in the Airbnb room, I’ve never read one. I was also sent The Airbnb Story book and put it in there as well. I would consider reading it if I had nothing else to do.


I’m exactly the same :slight_smile:


Do you have any other Airbnb merch, official or otherwise?

Yes, I have the most expensive one… a listing. LOL.

I also have a small Airbnb sign I put on the outside of the entry door when I have a new guest checking in. It’s just an Airbnb logo I printed off the internet.

They send me the magazine. Very pretty covers. I don’t have time to read and I put on my coffee table.

They also sent me a book on how they started Airbnb, which I put in the guest room.
I wish they would spend their extra cash on something else, rather than a magazine that nobody reads.


So is the mag something all Superhosts get or just people in the US?

Must be just for Superhosts as I’ve never gotten one.

Mine comes with a card that thanks me for being a superhost. I doubt they pay to mail them overseas to superhosts though.

I am not a Superhost but the card enclosed did mention this was just a one time sample send :smiley:

I have a tote bag and a couple of t-shirts they gave to hosts who came to meetups (over 4 years ago). The t-shirts are in the guest room in case of clothing emergencies.

I’m not a superhost but i am in the US and I’ve gotten at least two copies in the mail. Maybe 3? I certainly haven’t paid for them.

I’ve gotten at least three issues in the mail for free. I was also sent a link by CS to pick out a free gift for being a great host - when I agreed to refund someone when they had to cut their stay short. The gifts were super super cheap crap like key rings and stuff. I’ve never seen them for sale.

New airbnb uniform.

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Well do you guys have anything else that you’ve gotten, made or bought yourselves that shows that you’re into Airbnb?