Airbnb map view not showing my listing at all

So just wondering about this - I acted like a guest and tried to find my listing in my city using the ABB map view - actually to see if my neighbour had gone live her AirBnb yet. I hit “skip” for dates and just went straight to the map. And my listing wasn’t on the map at all! I called AirSupport and he said you have to put in dates to see my listing? Because I only have 7 available nights in August and shut down in September the algorithm seems to have decided my listing does not warrant a place on the map view. Irritating as my neighbour’s 2 new listings were there!

If you don’t choose dates then the default search is for a week. So if you don’t have a week available or if you don’t allow week-long stays then you won’t be on the map.

Is that 7 days in a row, i.e. a week?


Thanks for the explanation!

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Ah! No those 7 days are spread around. So thank you for explaining this as AirSupport could not! Is there something I could do to be noticed for those days?

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Why does AirBnb do that?

Also you do know Airbnb only shows a selection of listings not all listings when you search :grin: @Island1

If someone searches for a date you have available, then you’ll come up for them. But if they are searching for something you don’t have available then you won’t come up for them, whether it’s for a week or for a day. Why would you?

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I look at it like it’s like advertising- if I am not available for their dates they might book me another time because they like the look of my place. If they can’t view my listing then they don’t know I exist.

Airbnb has to accommodate a lot of competing interests. Guests don’t want to click on a listing to discover that the availability is severely limited. There has to be some kind of cutoff… so now you know what it is!

Air makes money booking vacancies. I don’t think they are interested in advertising your property for you. I would suggest looking into advertising opportunities. You can link your listing on social media or create a direct book website and advertise that. There are a lot of options for you to advertise your property.

Same for my property although it’s even worse because my cabin is only accessible by skis, snowshoes, snowmobile, etc. in the winter. So the season runs from mid-May through mid-October. If someone is searching specifically for dates in my open season, then the listing comes up. But I believe if they’re doing an unspecified search during the closed period, they don’t see the property at all. I get it from a guest’s perspective I guess but it’s still frustrating!

It’s very recent- part of their new awful “update”. Many hosts, as well as guests, rightly upset by it. There are plenty of guests who just like to peruse listings for an area, as they are flexible as to dates, but may only have a 3 day holiday get-away in mind, not plan to book a week. That Airbnb removed the possibility of searching what listings are available in any given area, without inputting dates, is seriously hurting a lot of hosts and driving guests to other platforms.

Or somebody might change their dates so they can stay at mine. Or stay someplace for first few days and at mine for remainder of week. I don’t usually have anybody stay for a week as I prefer quicker turnovers.

It’s not even good from a guest’s perspective. Some guests might want to book in a popular area for a busy holiday or special event months ahead of time to ensure they have secured a place while there is still a lot of choices at reasonable prices.