Airbnb Management recommendations for London property

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I am new to this site and to Airbnb hosting and so would be very grateful for more experienced thoughts and advice! I will be letting my London property through an Airbnb management company from late summer (as I live abroad some of the time so not available to be onsite) and any recommendations for a reputable agency would be hugely appreciated.


Personally, I would always prefer to have my property managed by an experienced superhost that offers co-hosting services, rather than a management company. You can find them by clicking on the co-host tab at the top of your listing.

If you want to use a management company, there is a London hosts forum on FB I think, so you are probably best asking them for recommendations.

Don’t forget you can only let your place for 90 days a year for a whole listing in London.

I tend to agree with Helsi, an experienced superhost is a good way to go. Heard some great reports from colleagues.

I have 5 properties in London and 3 in Manchester and have had mixed experiences with the Airbnb management companies. That being said they have generally provided a hassle free service despite some difficult guests! I’ve used Hostmaker (returns weren’t great, I think they’re too big), Lavanda good overall but returns have dropped off recently), and Dromor (smaller than some of the other guys but generally excellent service and fairly healthy returns).

I’m happy to offer further guidance/contacts if a management company is the way you’d like to go.

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I’ve never managed my properties with a Superhost, but I would recommend getting in touch with smaller management companies rather than Hostmaker. I can definitely recommend one called Airkey London and so far after 4 months of working with them I’m still very happy. Lovely people, they are very flexible with my schedule, do all the check-ins/check-outs personally, manage all the cleaning etc and they also gave me good returns.

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Dear Adrew, I will have one bedroom flat sooner in Manchester and trying to find right management company. I have heard about Guest365, GuestReady, HelloGuest, PasstheKey. Have you worked with one of them? Or you have any advices. Thank in advance.