Airbnb Management on the Gold Coast Australia

Hello everyone,
Australian hosts, do you know of any company which does Airbnb management on the Gold Coast?
(Housekeeping, linen laundering, key drop off/pick up etc)

Hi @Susan_Costain

It’s probably worth seeing if there is a local host FB group for your area - as hosts there would be more likely to know.

Good luck

Thanks Helsi. Great idea. I’ve just checked fb, there is a group, and I’ve requested to join the group. Thanks so much!

Hi @Susan_Costain glad to help :slight_smile:

Am looking for a short term as well.Please let me know if you find anyone.

Interested to help if you are still looking

Hi Eva,
Yes I’m still looking. How can I contact you?

How can I contact you

Hi Lolita,
Could you email me please?
My email is:
Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Eva,
Could you email me please?
My email is:
Look forward to hearing from you

Hi Susan

If you are still looking for Airbnb management on the Gold Coast, I would be more than happy to have a chat and offer our services. My business partner and I run GCBNB. Have a look at our website We are both Airbnb superhosts and have a number of years in Airbnb experience.

My email is if you would like more information.


Hi Susan - hope you’ve found someone but just in case or if you are looking in the future for Airbnb property managers or cleaners then I’ve just launched a startup called Airhosta.

Airhosta is a marketplace for connecting with Airbnb and Vacation Rental property managers. But we just don’t include property managers - we’ve got cleaners, concierge experts, interior designers, handymen, right through to guest activities and adventures and hospitality services. You list what you need and you get vetted service providers coming to you instead with offers.

Feel free to contact me - Contact Us if you have any questions.

@Susan UrbanCurator will soon

Hi Susan

Guestie is an Airbnb Management company servicing the Gold Coast & Brisbane. We provide comprehensive management services for short term holiday rentals, using multiple platforms (Airbnb, Stayz, Booking . com, Tripadvisor).

Please feel free to view our website ‘Guestie Airbnb Management Gold Coast’ for more information on our services.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind Regards
Shaun Andrews


I’m sure as Susan posted nearly a year ago she has found someone !

BTW this is a forum for hosts to support and advise each other. Are you a host as well as running a commercial service?

Hey Susan,

I’ve checked a lot of the links and services that have been posted in this thread and noticed that a lot of them are no longer active.

So considering this thread is one of the first links for people searching for Airbnb managers and cleaners in the Gold Coast I thought I would let you know that Hey Tom - Have now launched in the Gold Coast after a few successful years in Sydney and now Melbourne. As we are new to this site we can’t post links so you will have to google Hey Tom.

Hopefully this is useful for future searchers :slight_smile:
Hey Tom Team

Hi Susan.

Hope you are well?

Just in case you are still looking for a property manager on the Gold Coast, have a look at our website

We are a LOCAL boutique sized property management business that caters for short term accommodation rentals.

Look forward to chatting to you…


Hello, I am looking for airbnb management, I have a 4 br house in Burleigh. I have been looking through airbnb listings and checking everyone out. I tried doing a google search on you but couldn’t find you. Is there anyway you are interested in this? Thank you, Clare Ross