Airbnb makes millions holding your money!

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It can hardly come as a surprise - lots of business work on this model where you pay far in advance for a service - whether airlines/tour operators/event companies etc @James333


One reason why I often use the Airbnb program where I only pay half in advance and the other half is paid automatically two weeks before the stay.


Yes, of course. Every business does. I’m hardly a business at all but it’s not as if I have the security deposits I’ve collected sitting around in my desk drawer. They are promptly deposited into a high-rate savings account.

yes, we hosts know this.

Guests seem to not know about this, that’s the real problem.


“Banks make millions holding your money”


Check out the ridiculous, far in advance, payment requirements to travel on a Viking Cruise. I am surprised they can survive at all and get people to turn over the money that far in advance…but, like AirBnb, they do more advertising than the competition, and so their blind and devovoted travelers thinks Viking Cruise Lines walks on the water…instead of just running a boat.

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Is there another cruise company that doesn’t require this? I’m talking to more than one of my friends about a European river cruise.

There are lots of other options. I am a Travel Agent - I thought you knew that. You can PM me if you would like my assistance. I will be gone for 2 weeks attending another River Cruise convention/conference in March in Budapest, with nearly all the various lines represented. Then I am on AMA Waterways Eastern Europe through Croatia, Romania, Bucharest. I have been between Budapest and Vienna many times on the Danube, so I want to go somewhere new. Viking is not the least expensive choice, it is not necessarily the best comparitively, and they take your money too far ahead of time. The right choice always depends upon the traveler and the interests to match to the correct cruise to the person, based on expectations and budget, Depends where you want to go and the level of inclusions desired, plus the space of the staterooms and ships. The luckiest thing that ever happened to Viking was their decision to become the sponsor of an unknown show called Downton Abbey… which put their product in front of the right target audience when Downton became a raging success.


Are there actually cruise lines that allow reservations without payment? How far in advance do cruise lines require payment?

Yes, when my consortia has a group, or a special arrangement for certain sailings or a sale or deal . Right Now I have significant bookings on Celebrity without deposits…first deposit is in March…final pay is June and sailing is September. Every cruise line has a different deposit requirement, and that can change too based on promos, sales and sailings, and each cruise line and river cruise line has different cancel policies. Nothing is “across the board”. Viking just happens to have the most onerous policies in the the industry. Also policies differ in different countries, and cruise lines do market their product all around the world.


What I know varies from day to day but yes, I did recall that you are a travel agent. That’s why I asked which cruise company doesn’t require this.

A friend who used to work for AFAR magazine spoke highly of them. She went on a French river trip with AMA but she also was upfront about her experience being part of a comped trip in exchange for work on an article.

I may very well do this. My brother in law mentioned that he wanted to “go to Germany.” Although I’m certainly capable of planning a trip for 2 to Germany, I’m not sure I want to any longer. I thought he might like a food and wine centric river cruise. However, he’s just been diagnosed with prostate cancer so things are a bit up in the air now.

I appreciate your reply and have always appreciated your generosity with regards to helping with travel plans.

I am sorry about his cancer. Depending on the choices he makes as to how to proceed, there can be a recovery time and a pause. AMA does do some of the best Wine Cruises. They are highly rated. There are mulitple reasons AMA can be recommeded over some of the competitors. Thank you for responding

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Who does the best Beer Cruises?

Just in case you are not joking…my vote goes to Virgin Voyages on the Ocean. Cruise Dining, Food & Drink | Virgin Voyages

For River Cruises Avalon is a great choice for a Beer Cruise. Beer River Cruises - Avalon Waterways®

Otherwise, Oktoberfest in Munich is the place to be - on land - for beer.


@georgygirlofairbnb Thank you! No joke! :slight_smile: We’re not much for wine, but we love craft beer!

There are many other choices. Those are the first that came to mind… but it depends on budget and expectations… to recommend the right product.


My better half and I were speaking about travel agents last night. Both of us thought they were obsolete! Please PM me regarding your services. Thank you! @georgygirlofairbnb

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