AirBnb Magazine Subscription?

I got Volume 1 #1 yesterday in the mail, with a cover note saying that I have a 3 year subscription.

Because I’m a Superhost?

Anyone else get this deal in the past few days?

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I’ve had sweet F A from Airbnb ever :frowning:

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Yes we got the same thing issue one plus subscription and a thank you. We also got a book a few months ago. But today our guest brought us eggs from her own hens in PA. WHOPPEE, we love presents!

I got a magazine with an invite to subscribe. :grin:

The slant seems to be focused on the 20-30 crowd. I thought it was well done and as a magazine features journalist, I am glad to see magazines make a comeback. This one is outstanding.

I got one with a cover page that said I get the next six issues free. I’ve no idea how long a time period that is. I haven’t looked at it yet other than to figure out how long my subscription is. LOL.

I just got mine, too, but I didn’t see anything about it being a subscription. I just assumed it was a freebie for hosts. One of the very very few. I think I got a tea towel once with that dumb A in it. That was it.

I haven’t gotten either the magazine or a subscription. Feeling slighted!

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Saw a note that they were doing this … Did you get it at your home or at your ABB location?

It’s a bi-monthly magazine, so 6 issues is a year subscription.

As an old magazine writer I though ut was very well done, in a ‘flash’ 20s-30s age group style.

Weird 3 page full color ad for Botox though…

Hey botox use starts early for some of us. :rofl::rofl: