Airbnb Loses Major Fight Over California City's Rental Law

Does anyone know if these new regulations apply all of los angeles or just santa monica? I was sent an email to attend a meeting in woodland hills and worried they are going to regulate us? I will go to the meeting to find out more but I was just looking on here to find out more info.

“This meeting will be a chance for West Valley hosts to come together to mingle, receive updates on the short term rental regulations and learn how to advocate for your right to share your home before the regulations go into effect July 1st”

Call your local city or county administration office and ask.

I would start with the Small Business License department. If they don’t know, then call the Tax Collection office.

Thanks, Don I just did send a email to the city counsel and will contact the SBLD, thanks for your input.

VALLEYRANCH: Trust me, as a retired City of Sacramento (California) spokesperson for 21 years, no government official will put it in writing. Telephone their city offices for the answer you seek.


I know several people who are FT Airbnb hosts in Los Angeles, each with multiple listings. It’s just Santa Monica. But definitely attend all the community meetings, etc. to make it clear to the NIMBY population and local politicians being swayed by aggressive hotel industry lobbying campaigns, that you are not hosting rowdy party houses, pulling rentals off the market, or degrading your community in any way. You are instead, bringing much needed tax revenue to your city (with the city having to do absolutely nothing), and lots of tourist dollars, in addition to being able to improve your livelihood and properties, etc. etc. It’s very important to attend all of those meetings. They get a terrible turnout, but that is where decisions are truly made and the odds are stacked against hosts because the hotel industry employs some very sleazy tactics (fake NIMBYS, fake websites that look like nimby orgs, etc.) and Airbnb doesn’t have as much credibility when it’s out there on its own. The people who don’t understand home-sharing need to be educated so they can understand that they are being lied to from nefarious entities looking to monopolize the vacation accommodation market. Good luck!


WOW. Yet another example of the aggressive hotel lobbyists lying about the (very rare) vacation rental horror stories, or conflating their economic impact on communities and housing. Those stories are grossly over-reported and do not reflect the hundreds of positive ways that STR can positively impact communities. Just one is the tax and revenue received by the cities, (for essentially doing nothing). Los Angeles received $100 million in taxes collected through Airbnb, just since 2016. Another is the influx of tourist dollars into said communities. Another are the constant improvements made to the residences to keep them up to scratch. (My neighborhood/street’s curb appeal improved dramatically after three homes started hosting vacationers and businesspeople visiting the city).

A few unscrupulous hosts/listings should not mean that the thousands of responsible hosts (who follow the rules and are the vast majority) should be punished and their livelihoods gravely affected.

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