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Airbnb let me down

Today I got this request
:As an AirBnB (Super) host myself, I know that offering up one’s house to strangers is a beautiful experience.

I am in Toronto, but am getting married in Hamilton (Liuna Station reception) on Saturday January 7, 2017.

Is there any way I may rent your home for the one night (check-out Sunday Jan 8) ?

It would be amazing to use your hot tub after a long day of wedding…

If you are flexible with the one day, may you also offer a later check out on the Sunday?

Never hurts to ask :slight_smile:

I couldn’t cancel fast enough. It didn’t seem to go through, so I cancelled again.
Three hours later in the middle of hosting a dinner party, I got a message that I should respond to the request. I flew to the phone and called airbnb… after a few minutes I was told it had been done. After several hours I realized it had not. My computer? A glitch at airbnb?
I called again… was criticized by the person at the other end of the phone for not having chrome. Next she insisted on checking to see if I REALLY had a five night minimum…… the implication that I should accept this booking.
It was unpleasant, and for the first time I realized that airbnb doesn’t seem to care about their hosts.
I’m furious.

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“As an AirBnB (Super) host myself, I know that offering up one’s house to strangers is a beautiful experience.”



Tsk, and they dare ask for late check out… Well at least it is only one night. Wait, are they bringing a whole bunch of wedding party people or is it just for one?

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Yet another bad host-as-guest story. I’ve had two personally; one host refused to stay (and got a full refund from Air) when they checked in to discover animals on the property (despite this being in the listing). And another a few weeks ago when a host asked for an early check in, I declined. They asked me to give them a 50% discount on the night before their booking to ensure an early check in. I sent them a special offer granting their wish and amping up the cost of the nights they requested. Crickets.
When I was growing up in New Zealand in the 70s and 80s, shopkeepers used to have signs on their counters saying “Do not ask for a discount as refusal often offends”. I am seriously considering putting on my listing :slight_smile:


This is absurdly bad experience. Sure, Airbnb is not in the business of declining bookings, but I would be furious too. Notice also how technical inadequacies are an excuse for not delivering the very basics of a listing site?

I have one on my listing as I offer weekly & monthly discount and my ordinary rates are dirt cheap. I say I offer these great discounts and any other requests for discount will be politely refused. When I get them I then just automatically not approve them without offering any comment or any explanation. I don’t need those guests, for $40 a night they are usually the type who think my complimentary breakfast means you can eat all my cereal, toast, milk & fruit for your 3 meals a day, not actually just breakfast as intended. Oh and download 6 months of movies on my wifi lol


Wait. Did you only charge the additional night at fifty percent (for early check in) and then they didn’t respond?

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Yep - I was glad they didn’t book!

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