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AirBnb legalized in San Francisco


San Francisco has had Airbnb for six years, and now the service is actually considered legal in the area. The board of supervisors in the city voted on the legality of Airbnb on Tuesday, and the end vote result was 7 to 4 in favor of the service.

A piece of legislation has been worked on and debated for two years, and the legislation deals with the legality of short-term stays with companies like Airbnb. One of the requirements included in the legislation says non-hosted rentals are limited to 90 days per year.

Hosts must pay the same taxes as hotels, register with the Planning Department, agree to the 90-day rule, and pay a $50 registration fee.

Amendments were made to the legislation during a four-hour debate between the city’s supervisors.


In a way legalization is definitely great because it puts clear controls and rules in place. However at the same time, sometimes it’s nice residing in that grey area and not being regulated. Only time will tell if this will spread to other cities but I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t.

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