Airbnb legalities

Can anyone who hosts a full house in airbnb tell me if you need a licence? If so, is it a business licence or a selective licence?

It depends where you are. The best way to find out is to call your local authorities. The chances are that you’ll need to have some sort of license, yes.


Just to add: License requirements can come from several different entities, at least here in the US: your state, your county, and/or your city/township. Maybe even your HOA or some other local association. It’s important to check all possibilities.


dont call and ask the municipalies anything. Because they will have you in their radar.

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What? It seems to me that you’re saying that you don’t want the authorities to know about your place because you’re operating illegally. Is that the case? If so, kindly go elsewhere - this forum is for legitimate and legal hosts and not for people breaking the law. Not to mention, suggesting that other people break the law.

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Why this moderator so hostile?

Who? Me? Not hostile at all. I’m just pointing out, because of your comment…

… that this implies that you don’t want ‘municipalies’ to know that you’re hosting. Note that I didn’t accuse, I said:

I asked.

Flying under the radar and not having local permits and so on isn’t encouraged at this forum.


You can do an online search of your governments local zoning laws. Then in search mode look for words like “rental, short term rental, rental for less than 30 days.” In that same zoning ordinance document look up your property and see what zoning classification applies, such as R1A, other residential zones, or commercial. Then see what uses are allowed or disallowed.

And calling up your local zoning official is not that intimidating. Just ask what are the rules on STR and where in the zoning doc is the documentation. Government officials work for you and I believe will be friendly to you. Regards, Curt Peterson

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