Airbnb Laundry Service

I have to share the love on this one my fellow hosts… - Same day laundry service with really friendly drivers all through an app! They even give you a free cookie on pickup :smile:

Thanks for sharing! There have been quite a few of these services popping up in the SF area as well. A few of these include:

Laundry Locker

Thank you for sharing, I love how this community is developing :smile:

Does your cleaning fee cover the additional cost of this type of service? best price and service in sukhumvit, is accepted by foreigners who stay in hotels and residences.

Lucky for those that can afford these services and still find their business profitable enough - because most won’t. Most Airbnb’s will have to do all the work in house - and that gets exhausting after a while. But there simply isn’t enough in the budget to ‘farm out’ the labor.

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I recommend INSTAWASH in the Bay Area & NYC. I’m trying it out and so far so good. They have SAME DAY SERVICES!

I used Rinse the linen service provider that Airbnb partnered with and found stains on towels and sheets. GROSS.

I used Sudzee for 4 years and broke up with them due to decrease in service quality.
Washio: EXPENSIVE & picky about what they will / wont wash…
Laundry Locker: If you don’t mind getting other peoples laundry

Any recommendations are appreciated! (SF, Pac Heights)

Thanks Michelle!
I’m just a part-time host without laundry in my apt or building… I have a cleaner who’s great and yikes 15% is a bit steep esp if you’re only hosting a couple times a month.

I’ll check it out!

Thanks for sharing!!!
With Piing, you never have to plan ahead for your laundry! Just Piing NOW and our smart algorithm will identify a Piingo in your vicinity and show you the ETA.

I don’t believe there is a Air laundry service in the UK …

Here’s an updated list:

MaidThis! Cleaning Service
Merry Maids10
Laundry Locker