Airbnb is standardizing the check in process

Airbnb is standardizing the check-in process to make it way less confusing:

“Airbnb is rolling out a new check-in instructions tool to streamline and improve guest arrivals. Now, guests of hosts who opt in to the new tool will receive clear, visual, in-app step-by-step guides on what to look for and expect when they arrive — like what door to enter through, where the lockbox is located, and what the code is. Guests can access this information right in the Airbnb app whenever they need it, even if without internet access.”

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Personally I prefer a human touch.

What do you think?

Nothing beats a real human being helping guests with the check-in. No need for a lockbox or a code to enter.


when do you think this info is sent or presented? Not sure if having these visuals is a good thing much in advance of showing up. My home and how to get in seems to be a little TMI if it is weeks in advance of a stay, and if it stays on an app forever…


I’m with @Eberhard_Blocher – nothing beats the human touch! Would not use this tool under any circumstances.

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I wonder if the code is dynamic - since each guest has a different code every time, is that number changed every time this tool is used?

We will still receive calls and messages at all hours from people who can’t read *insert eye roll

I’m in favor of them trying to be helpful. I can’t always be here or awake when guests arrive. Some guests have had trouble with the lock so maybe I would use this. I’ll have to determine that after it’s released and I test it.


X@Eberhard_Blocher not everyone is a on-site host. We seem to be the minority here, but there are many remote hosts. In the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains of New York State many hosts are sharing their vacation homes remotely. But I will say, I’ve been very clear in my instructions of how a guest enters. I rarely have people confused on how to enter.

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Last week I was out of town. My Monday arrival who had previously been here was texting me about how to get in and wasn’t able to operate the digital lock despite me showing her in person the previous week how it operated. I ended up giving her a key since she has several more stays planned. I keep tweaking the message I send but I still have issues more often than I’d like.

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I’m the same. The only time I don’t greet guests personally is after a certain time in the evening. But I’ve had a few guests arrive in the early hours and I have always been mildly concerned about them getting in okay. Although it has never been a problem in the past, I still prefer guests who arrive when I can meet them.

But I would use this tool - definitely.

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