AIRBNB IS GIVING AWAY FREE VACATIONS AND LETTING THE HOST PAY FOR IT - An airbnb nightmare, ripoff, complaint, scam

We rented our beach home to a family of four from Atlanta using the airbnb service. Upon their arrival they were a party of four in one SUV, that quickly turned into twelve with the arrival of a van, and then another
SUV arrived the next morning, verified by our exterior security camera. I am not sure of the final body count. I contacted them and told them the only people that could stay were the people on the rental agreement. They said the extra people would leave, they did not leave and they disconnected an exterior security camera. I called airbnb for some help and advice. The person I spoke with was Liem and he said he would call them and try to get the unregistered guests to leave. The next I heard from airbnb was an e-mail from Liem saying that the guest said I had a security camera in the living room and they were refunding all of the guests money. This was an absolute lie and I tried to reach Liem at airbnb but he was not available so I e-mailed and told him to have the guest file a police report. I knew the guest would not be willing to put their lie on a police report. No one responded. I called again but all anyone would do is say they would forward my request to the trip team. I called the guest and told them, by voice mail, if there was a camera in the house they should file a police report, I e-mailed this through
airbnb also. I also informed the guest, by voice mail, everyone had to vacate and I was on my way and I would have the police remove them if they were still there when I arrived. When I arrived they were gone but not without doing some minor damage to the house. airbnb will not accept a claim and they refunded all of the guest’s money including the security deposit. I have called back to airbnb trying to resolve this.
airbnb has removed the reservation from the site like it never even happened. I can’t leave feedback and I can’t see anything to do with the reservation other than my e-mails. I have asked for a copy of the
evidence they used to make their decision and I was told it probably wouldn’t happen. I asked if I sued the guest in small claims court and got a judgment against them would they cover it, all I got was I’ll
forward that to the legal department. Still no answers so I called again, or maybe that was the same call, and was informed that the final decision was made in the case and it would not do any good to call
because the person answering the phone could not forward my messages to anyone. I asked for a copy of that decision and was told they would send me a copy but it has not arrived. We have decided to take the guest to small claims court, we have a signed rental agreement. It may be a waste of time and money to go to court but it is principal at this point. I have the last two conversations with airbnb recorded. Once I file the small claims case I will post the case number here as it will be public record and anyone should be able to look it up.

e-mails sent through airbnb. These e-mails are still on the airbnb site.

Me to guest:
Hello **,
It’s Time! We are expecting you on … We have you down for 4 guests. *** If your party size has increased please contact me before you check in. Just a reminder the house is Non-Smoking, and No Pets, and a maximum of four people.

Guest to me:
Thanks ****! I have received your check-in instructions.

Me to guest:
Did you make it down yet? If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I hope you love the house.

Guest to me:
Yes. It’s perfect thanks!

Me to guest:
It has been brought to my attention that your party exceeds the maximum of four guests. Additional guests are not allowed. Can you please explain the situation.

Guest to me:
I just called my dad. I didn’t realize his friend’s family came along. How much is it per person in excess of 4? I’ll cover the extra cost.

(called my dad??? the registered guest was not even there)

Me to guest:
I asked yesterday if your party size changed. How many people are there? I will talk with my wife but I don’t think she will accept it.

Me to guest:
It has been more than one hour since I contacted you and I have not received a response. The additional persons not listed on the rental agreement must leave the property immediately and not return. You have violated your rental agreement and I feel you have violated Florida Statue 509.151. If they unauthorized persons do not leave the property immediately your entire party will be asked to leave.

Me to guest:
I spoke with you on the phone a few minutes ago and wanted to summarize what I said to you. The additional persons not listed on the rental agreement must leave the property immediately and not return they cannot stay the night, they must leave now. You have violated your rental agreement. If the unauthorized persons do not leave the property immediately your entire party will be asked to leave.

Guest to me:
I’m working on finding other accommodation for the extra people. I’m currently looking for hotels in the area and they’ll be out soon.

Me to guest:
You have lied telling airbnb I had a security camera inside the house. If I had a camera inside the house it is a crime and should have been reported to the police immediately. You should report it to the police now and show the police any evidence you have. I intend to peruse this matter further and possible sue you in court for fraud or if I can file a charge against you for defrauding an inn keeper.

Guest to me:
I didn’t lie to them. There’s a device in your living room that is a camera. I know it’s a crime to have a camera inside the house. I was going to let this go but if you’re going to push this further, that’s fine. We’ll settle this in court.

Guest to me:
We can certainly take this to criminal court if you want to go down that path. I have pictures to support my case.

Me to guest: (Sent to guest before receiving the above response from guest.)
I am sure you have a picture of this device how about e-mailing it to me.
It would be better to send it threw airbnb but if you cannot send it to my direct e-mail address

Guest to me:
I’m done discussing this.

Me to guest:
The only camera in that house is in your lie. Your a thief and a liar.
(I was furious at this point and should have worded this e-mail a little diffrent.)

Dont expect anybody to care- especially airbab. I dont know WHY anybody agrees to air their biz in their private houses.
But ill tell u this much. They sent us drunken low lifes that threatened our lives. This was after we told them to leave. They were out getting drunk all night and literally throwing up all day = all over our house-- our carpet our bed-- u name it - down the hall- over the bathroom floor everywhere.
Airbab supported THEM not us-. Found them another poor suffers home to wreck and destroy their Christmas.
We deleted our account - it was the WORST Christmas because airbab did nothing but support THEM.
Mt god death threads and they did NOTHING- so dont expect them to care about as few too many guests.

I am so sorry this happened to you. IN AU u can have cameras inside so long as not the bathroom or bedrooms.

I am also very sorry it looks like nobody supported you.