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Airbnb introduces a broader insurance coverage policy for Canadians


Airbnb is adding a new level of insurance coverage in Canada as part of wider support for people who list their properties through its service. Find the news here, http://www.timescolonist.com/airbnb-introduces-a-broader-insurance-coverage-policy-for-canadians-1.2092450


This is significant and very timely news! We are just completing renovations, and not presently listed as an AirBnB Host site, but ready to go, pending liability insurance. One quote for coverage we received, demanded (1) a minimum two night stay, (2) having the guest(s) sign a written contract upon arrival, and (3) the advertising sights are acceptable (Air BnB and VRBO are both accepted by Xxxxxxx Insurance. And (4) an extra $450 per annum increase to our home insurance premium. You can imagine the words that came out of my mouth when I read this! Hopefully the Canadian corporate wing of AirBnB expedites the coverage, so we can get on with business

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