Airbnb Insurance Liability for early checkin or late check outs

If I allow guests to arrive earlier than my published checkin time or allow them to stay later than the published check out time and something happens such as damage to my property or injury to guest, am I still covered by Airbnb $1,000,000 liability coverage?

I recently saw a post about Airbnb not covering liability if you allow guests to drop off luggage early or pick up late so I no longer allow that service but it got me thinking about early check in’s and check outs. I tried calling Airbnb customer service about the question above but the representative couldn’t seem to give me a simple yes or no answer.

That’s because they have a pretty vague policy about what they will cover if anything even if it’s not outside the check in/out window.

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I would not count on that even for the time they are booked! Get your own business insurance.


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That’s because they will use any excuse to get out of covering anything. Do what you want and don’t count on Airbnb for insurance or anything else.

My insurance agent said that I can not get liability insurance for an Airbnb suite in my house.

You seem to be confusing 2 things, the Host Guarantee which is extremely difficult to get paid, very limited coverage, and the liability insurance.

I guess you could take it to extremes after all some hosts are flexible on check in and out but if it is all on the message thread and same day I do not see an issue.

You need specific STR insurance, it cost more but its worth it. I use Cbiz


I just submitted a form. Why did you use Cbiz vs others (or are there others)?

I’m more concerned about liability to the guest (i.e.: suing me) and property damage (i.e.: fire, floods, major destructions). Is this the liability coverage?

I am not sure about that but you can definitely get home insurance that covers short term lets that will cover you for damage to property, theft etc.

Airbnb have liability insurance if you are talking about accidental injury to guests. Have a look at details on Airbnb Help Centre to see if your country is covered.

This is the liability insurance.

AirBnB have the Host Guarantee for Property Damage, however it is extremely restrictive and not something to be relied upon. Usually your own Property Insurance would also include Liability Insurance cover anyway.

Then technically you are in deep doodoo should anything happen. Seriously, you need to find another insurance company that will cover you doing Air in your home. Not cheap, but a legal necessity. You’re lucky your Ins Co. did just drop your coverage right then! That’s what happened to us.

Found this post online - I’m requesting quotes from the one mentioned above and this company ASAP

Proper Insurance Company. It is a hybrid of homeowners and a short-term rental business insurance. For us, it’s about 35-40 percent higher than the homeowners policy we had, and yet it isn’t only liability insurance coverage, it is business coverage. The other insurance company here excludes intentional acts by guests; Proper Insurance does not. It has liability insurance, but also much more. It includes both intentional and unintentional damages, losses, theft, AND it covers income loss directly caused by loss of bookings if your home is damaged and needs lengthy repairs. For example, Proper Insurance will cover the bookings that you have listed with Airbnb if you have a kitchen fire, until the kitchen is repaired. If you don’t have any listings in the future, there is no income loss. The underwriting risk assessment is done via your actual listing on Airbnb including your photographs. The company uses YOUR business acumen and your House Rules, etc., to underwrite your policy. I love this feature - haven’t had to use it, but it is created specifically for the needs of people who rent part-time or full-time their second home, as we do. I don’t know how it works for people just renting out a room, however. PLEASE NOTE, I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE, ADVOCATE, SALESPERSON, OR HAVE BEEN COMPENSATED TO SPEAK OR WRITE ON BEHALF OF PROPER INSURANCE.