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Airbnb insurance actual cash value, not replacement cost


Insurance is a big problem for us hosts. Regular HO policies will be cancelled, and other insurance can be expensive. I thought we were ok for now - HO policy will stay in place but not cover any damage or liability related to our airbnb activity - fine - because airbnb would cover us. Now it seems that this is not the case. My house is 65 years old - if a guest burns it down airbnb will depreciate my house before paying the settlement - meaning there’s no way I’ll be able to rebuild.

Is this how other hosts understand the situation?




My homeowner’s insurance was cancelled on my house. I ended up buying vacation insurance from CBIZ. They told me they insure HomeAway.com. They also told me after I bought my policy (twice the amount of my old homeowner’s insurance) that ideally I should make every guest sign a rental agreement.


Thanks, CS USAA did not cancel us, and I’m thankful, but cbiz doesn’t cover sharing situations, where the guest is in our home with us. I did find a bnb policy that is $1700 up from the $950 I pay for HO. So, not bad. We have had a great time hosting on airbnb but I want to see what others are doing about insurance and if they realize the problem with air’s coverage -


That’s funny, my home is a sharing situation, which I TOLD CBIZ, and they still gave me the policy. They did say I had to have every guest sign a rental agreement, though.


Unless you mean you are sharing actual rooms like bedrooms and not just giving them a private room in your house?


HI cs2015

They have their own private bedroom & half-bath, shower upstairs in family area, are served breakfast in our kitchen.

I was told by CBIZ and other companies that, if we are home with the guests, the liability is much higher - and we were denied coverage.


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