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Airbnb Instant Book "experiment" - you can't turn it off!

I was just informed by Airbnb customer service that I no longer have control over “instant book”.

I strongly discourage anyone to turn on instant book. Airbnb is “experimenting” with a new feature that takes control away from hosts and does not allow one to turn on or off instant book. As a result I have been the victim of fraud by some new airbnb guests from China. They claim there is a “hair on the sheet” and request refunds. This has happened 6 times for me (I have an excellent housekeeper who now uses a lint roller on all the beds, I also check myself and have never found a hair). I went to turn off instant book so I could better screen my guests, but because I am part of this experiment, I no longer have this control. I have actually “snoozed” my listing until this control is given back to me. Frankly after over 2 years of being an airbnb host I do not feel that the company does not properly prioritize host interests.


That is so odd! I know that they are making some new hosts have auto Instant Book (not for ALL new hosts, but in certain markets) and these new hosts also can’t turn off their Instant Book - but for an experienced host? This is insane. I wish I had a good answer for you but I don’t other then to say that totally sucks.

If your place is clean - and sheets washed - I would NOT refund for an alleged hair on the sheets, especially if they stayed after finding the hair.

Thanks, no I won’t give a refund but it is still a lot of stress and frustration over NOTHING.

I can turn mine on and off. There must be something else to your situation.

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Air is experimenting in forcing IB with new hosts only. It has been reported in other threads. Others have had success in threatening to delist if you can’t turn it off.

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I did “threaten” them and have “snoozed” my listing but Airbnb has yet to act in a manner that gives me control over instant book. sigh. It is worth noting that I am NOT a new host but still am part of this experiment…so the claim that this lack of control is for “new” hosts only is false.

Ah! Good to know - and worrying. I swear, I will stop sharing my home due to this kind of nonsense.

So I did just discover under the host controls, booking section under “who can book instantly” that one can select “no one - guests must wait for a response” perhaps that is the equivalent of the previous slider on/off button. We shall see.

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Ah, another false alarm. Good.


Actually I think Airbnb did something as this was not an option this morning. Squeeky wheel gets the grease;).

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Last year they were doing an experiment where some hosts had the strict cancellation option removed.

This was only for some listings - but if the host had chosen flexible or moderate cancellation policy, they could not switch to strict.

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Ugh, I have a “flexible” policy which has only burned me a couple of times. I would be much better if Airbnb didn’t “experiment” with limiting host options at all!

Welcome to the forum, btw. By reading through the threads you can learn a lot and avoid problems in the future.

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If it were up to Air they would have all listings on flexible and instant book.


And children, pets, extra guests. Free!

And you would provide extra sheets so they could make a tent in your living room!


This function of turning IB off is the only way I’ve done it. (I didn’t realize you could turn it off from where you turned it on) I’ve been putting it on and off since I started in April, keeping it OFF now, I’m always close to my phone so I don’t think I’m missing much action from potential guests having to wait for my reply.

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