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I got in lucky last post lol


Ya screw that bs. If G asks for refund but you decline and the G never cxl reso then there is a risk that if the G never shows up for that reso at all, they’ll have 14 days afterwards (and after your payout) to file the valid EC with docs and H will get adjustment on payout. This situation is very very rare. Most G with EC say “hey I need to cancel because X happened” a good agent will just CBG without even asking the G in the first place (I do it solely for Host protection) and then inform what information is needed to validate the claim. This will help the EC get cleared up right away, no affect to a payout that already happened, and Host calendar gets opened back up and has the best possible chance to get a new booking in.


Thanks legend. I know what to do in future. I just assumed the cs new what they were doing and would handle it. Luckily they didn’t submit docs like you talked about above. You enjoy your day mate and thanks again.

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