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I’m just here on my day off for the popcorn at this point :sunglasses:


Hey… so tell me what the rules are about TP, soap etc. I always provide tp, a backup roll, soap, shampoo, toothpaste & deoderant for those who need/ forget their goods. Are hosts on the hook for providing refills and/or extraordinary amounts of these? I know it balances out as some use little to none… just curious. I had 2 girls here for 3 days… used a total of 6 rolls of tp. Were gone about 8 hours each day for sightseeing. Didnt ask for additional- I just added it. They were super sweet and clean so I was happy to take care of them. Just think its a bit mad as its more than my family of 6 used in the same time frame…


That’s a good idea. We have a larger home in a fly-to location, too. I had a person contact me through AirBnB for Christmas week last year ($1400 US per night), but then they booked through VRBO. No EC policy on VRBO, thank goodness, although nothing went wrong. I think I should block off the ultra-expensive weeks on AirBnB because of the EC, too. Sorry to hear this happened to you!


@TheInsider - thank you for the insight.
It seems clear that our CM did not follow the Guidelines. If CM determined the guest photos were all legit and taken on our property we should have been shut down, and ignored that we cannot magically turn Cream Granite tops into Green Granite!!
[Apparently I am not allowed to upload pictures here…]
We tried to get some acknowledgement that none of the photos showing any discernible “Bugs” were bona fide. CM obviously had some doubts as to the accuracy of the images.
Almost two months later CM asked for an inspection. (Is that in the Guidlines?)
The inspection confirmed we had no bugs, and yet the CM deduced we had “Vermin”, needed some super host education regarding cleanliness and take take $970 bucks out of my pocket for her trouble!
You know how much popcorn I could buy! :persevere:.
and here is a picture of the alleged bites… (but I am not allowed to post them here).


You are too new. The software (Discourse) is set up that way on purpose to minimize spammers and trolls. We’ve already had a number of new names pop up or join just so they could post to insider. So long time participants have to share their time and attention span with new people who could be here today and then vanish again.

I’m not trying to say that’s you or that you haven’t been lurking awhile. I’m simply explaining why it’s set that way.


Forgive me if this is answered in the next 198 posts but wouldn’t Airbnb then charge their service fees for taxes as well as for the room charge and cleaning fee?


I agree with @KKC this really is a non issue and is not aimed at hosts but a term used within a group of staff…

@TheInsider is here to share his knowledge with us, please don’t put him off with unnecessary gripes .


Welcome to the forum @tristanandangela

As @KKC new members can’t post images and links to minimise the amount of spam we get here.

So what brought you to the forum and do you share a home or have a whole listing?


Hang out on the forum for a bit. Once you’ve been here a while, you should either be able to upload pix or I’ll shoot email over and try to help out more then. Not much I can do but advice at this point because I won’t cross the line in checking into your account officially, but I will help however I can.


Every special offer, reso alteration, normal reservation, etc still do get charged taxes (air doesn’t keep), service fee ( 0-20% of reso), and your cleaning fee. You can do a special offer that doesn’t include your service fee if you’d like to do so. Also, if a normal reso is created, you can always do an alteration using custom prices to adjust everything if you’d like.


You can be responsible for everything or nothing simply based on what you put on your listing. There are hosts who advertise amazing properties with every luxury provided to their guests where the expectation will be high from the guests, then there are also bare-bone hunting cabins that are nothing more than a roof over the guest’s head and a cot with no bedding. Just check through what essentials you state you have on your listing and check out the Help Center on Airbnb to figure out what the essentials ultimately mean.


If I offer toiletries though- does that mean for the entirety of their stay??


To each their own when it comes to which days to block and the reasoning. Out of all my calls per week, 10-15 guests call in on average claiming to have an EC. I CBG the listing (still good for host with strict cxl policy in most cases) and then the 14 day clock begins for the guest to get me that documentation. Typically, once the guest realizes how strict EC policy is and what documentation is needed, they end up never following up with us so the reso stays CBG and dates are open on the host’s calendar. Out of the 10-15 weekly, maybe maybe 6 ish of those are actual EC claims. Just some extra information to show you how rare EC are and a large number of hosts rarely have to deal with an actual EC.


Yes it does. I can look into it once I get back to work after this blizzard, but I don’t recall an actual policy in the amount of toiletries per person or whatever being mentioned anywhere in policy. It’s extremely frustrating when a guest calls me on a 5 day reso and is complaining because they ran out of the 3 rolls of toliet paper. Like wtf people, go to the Hilton if you expect a butler 247, Air is a community of people sharing their homes not hotel rooms.


Thanks insider. But say I in future CBH and then the guest does not submit the EC claim despite asking for a refund due to sickness documented in messages. Won’t I then be penalised? Should not the reso be CBG or CBA as it states in the terms. To me it’s open to exploitation especially to hosts without cameras. The guest could stay then submit EC with a doc cert (extremely easy to get in my city) and stay for free.


I think there’s some confusion. If your G claims an EC for the reso with you as the H, why would you ever want to CBH and hurt yourself when it’s their EC? If the G ever has an EC during an active reso, the reso needs to be CBG until they submit valid documentation. Once that documentation is submitted, the G will be refunded from 24 hours after the CBG officially started. As a H in this situation, you may lose some revenue for the days G did not spend in listing, but you won’t lose all money. Additionally, your CM has every option to send you up to a $200 cushion if need-be to keep you happy.


That is exactly my question. The idea of air was to NOT be a hotel. I am more than happy to provide initial basics etc. They dont cost an arm and a leg. Lower rates - seasonally, location wise etc- would be eaten up quickly if it was a free for all.


Just make it clear in your house rules section (or where you see fitting) to list what you supply, what you don’t, and the amount of each supply that way the guest has no wiggle room to complain to any CM. If the G does call-in the CM will probably just have them purchase the product themselves, upload a receipt for reimbursement paid by Air, and never bother the host with it since it was clearly listed at time of reso.


Alright guys, over 200 posts later and I can’t keep this thread straight anymore. All new questions should switch over to the thread I just made. Please use this as a reference to make sure duplicate questions are not asked but as of now, I will not be responding to any new questions made here. Thanks for understanding.


Yes there’s confusion. What I’m saying is a guest sent a message for a one night reso claiming to be sick. I have a strict policy and air wanted me to refund which I refused. The guest did not cancel nor did air. The booking was completed with no cancellation then I was told that the cs was awaiting the documentation for a EC refund

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