Airbnb in L.A. Calif

Anyone already register with the new regulations was it hard do they send inspectors to your place please let know if you have any info. thank you.

This may be a job opportunity for the homeless in L.A. The city can pay them wages that do not reach the poverty level to inspect STR’s. That way they will vote to keep the politicians that promote their agenda.

There’s a lot of restrictions and requirements to registering, including that it must be your primary home that you live in more than 6 months of the year and no rent controlled units. It’s not hard to get a permit for 120 days a year (it can all be done online), but if you want to host year round there are lots of hoops to jump through including driving back and forth between Downtown and Van Nuys multiple times. There are no inspections. Have you read the home sharing ordinance and do you have specific questions other than do they send an inspector? I would suggest you start there rather than asking us to share anything we know. Also, hosts on this forum are from all over the world and you may have more luck getting your questions answered by going to one of the two Facebook groups for LA hosts.

That seems unnecessarily cruel. Isn’t that forbidden in the Constitution or something??? :rofl:

Thank you for the information I just want
To make sure since they were talking about if you get citations they could fine you or revoke your permit or both thank you

You said that to get the permit for the whole year you have to drive back and forth to Van Nuys could you give me more information why you have to do that and what more paperwork they need

I wish it would be. The city is trying to make it as hard as possible. Don’t forget the part about us having to notify every neighbor next door, behind, adjacent, and diagonal to me (8 in total) using the city’s official mailing service. The city will no longer provide the names and addresses of these people so it’s yet another hurdle to figure out.

Or you could go around and knock on doors to introduce yourself…

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Yes that is true, but the city doesn’t care about the niceties of getting to know your neighbor, and we’re talking about having to notify people behind me on the next street over who I’ve never had any interactions with and who couldn’t possibly be bothered by me renting a room in my house. The city wants us to follow their rules, drive downtown to start the application process, drive to the opposite part of town to send the official notification letter using the 3rd party mailing service, then drive back downtown to show proof of mailing to the city.

What an absolutely archaic process! I’m guessing many will just give up, which is probably what they are hoping for.

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My little city of 33,000 just started letting us file and pay our sales and bed tax online, as a contrast. It sounds like corporate hosts in LA really messed thing up for owner occupants, when they are truly different types of STRs.

Yes, that is the only people who are really being hurt by this process. The city promises that these regulations will open more housing and solve the homeless crisis by putting all the apartment buildings that have been converted to Airbnbs back on the long-term market. What they don’t realize is that the corporate landlords will find a loophole to continue to host, while the mom and pop individual hosts will suffer and potentially lose their homes. And regardless, most of the people who are doing STR out of their own home wouldn’t be putting those rooms on the greater market for long-term rentals if they couldn’t STR, so I don’t see the housing supply dramatically increasing. Oh, and don’t forget about the millions in occupancy taxes the city will be losing out on by restricting short term rentals.

But yeah, we’re the bad guys responsible for high rents and the homeless crisis by renting out a room in our homes.

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