Airbnb in Krakow Poland

Any host here from the area?
Care to share about the city regulation, market of renting room/s in apartment?
Any info would be great.
Thank you in advance

I don’t host there but I stayed in an apartment there in 2009, pre-Airbnb days. If you are looking for info as a guest I have that small experience. If you are looking to host there I’m a zero.

I am looking as host actually. but any experience/info is good to have

Ah, well good luck. I loved it and so glad I found an apartment instead of a hotel. Beautiful city!

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Sites like Airdna give you market information about the Airbnb market. You can do your own research on Airbnb to look at pricing and competitors.

You can look at the website for the city council to check what regulations there might be for STR.

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