AirBNB iCal export - System Error - Affects anyone relying on Guest info within feed

I use to get Guest Info, like Name, Phone Number in the iCal export feed. I now only see what’s listing below. Now I only get check in and check out dates, with a URL to the reservation page.
My Smartlocks rely on the data from the feed. Does one know if AirBNB is changing what’s provided in the iCal export feed?

DESCRIPTION:Not Available\nReservation:
SUMMARY:Airbnb (IveRedactedThisInfo)

AirBNB Support was not able to confirm if this is a technical issue, or an update to AirBNB’s policy. They were able to recreate my error. They will update my support ticket when more information is known.
This is effecting any user with SmartLocks which relies on the feed.
The current workaround is to create manual lock codes.

Having the same issue. Smartlock are using RBoys Rental Automater with Samsung Smartthings, integrated to Airbnb calendar. The integration is down, so I’ve just manually setup the users for now…hope to get a fix soon.

Same thing occurred with me. They said that they would escalate it to their technical support team and update my ticket when there is more information. No timeline was given for when they would even have the chance to look at this issue.

Same here. Airbnb support’s answer from about 15 hours ago: “I have reviewed the case with a specialist, who suggests that you contact Apple Support, as there is no recorded issues with the sync between iCal and Airbnb.”
…Ignoring me since then. My system which takes care of local legal obligations is dependent on it. :angry:

It has nothing to do with Apple. The same thing is happening in Gmail calendar on my PC.

Seems logical that AirBnB stops sharing privacy sensitive data trough iCal.
Sooner or later they will be slapped on their fingers, if it did not happen already.

EU law forbids sharing this data with unknown recipients. Who knows who is downloading all the iCal info.

Thanks, however I’m not sure if that’s 100% true. As well, I don’t want anyone to miss the big picture. This will affect hosts who use instant booking and hosts with Smartlocks. Odd for the change because these features are what AirBNB is asking hosts to began using.
AirBNB is just a glorified Credit Card processor, hence this is why Hosts get a 1099-K tax form every year. The data they provide within the feed does not violate any privacy issue. One must be authenticated to access it. If a host shares the URLs, that’s insane, however it is no different than the host sharing the username/password to their AirABNB account.
Ever buy anything from Ebay or from an Amazon Seller? How do you think the seller knows where to ship your package? The credit processor must provide that information.

Looks like this issue can also be followed here.

From Maddie of Rental Lock Automater
Some users AirBnB calendars are having an issue where the names/phones and other reservation information is missing from their iCalendar files which makes it look like the reservations are incomplete. This appears to be an error with some AirBnB calendar cluster servers . For example, some folks are seeing the information reported correctly depending on which AirBnB server in the cluster is responding with the iCalendar information. You can open a ticket with AirBnB to speed up their response to fix this issue.

AirBnB has been operating in a gray area for a long time, on the edge and beyond of illegal business.

Now all authorities are hammering down and taking on AirBnB where ever possible.

The comparisation with for example Amazon is wrong. Amazon and all other businesses that operate in Europe have to disclose what data is shared with wich businesses.
I also have on my website alist of 3rd parties I share the guest data with, ranging from authorities to hotel management system.

Did you put in your listing that you will share guest data with a 3rd party operator for the smart locks? If not this would be illegal in Europe.

So unless AirBnB knows how the iCal data is used and shared, so they can inform the guests, they have no other option than to stop sharing this data.

We’re getting off topic. The point is the feed is no longer providing guest data. Host take notice if your smartlocks rely on this data.

Off-topic? I was replying to your question:

AirBnB is forced remove all personal data from their iCal, and it is permanent.

And you got your information from where?

Airbnb just got back to me admitting it is a short term bug and they are working on fixing it. They couldn’t promise an exact day this will be fixed but will be trying their best to so within a week.

The sync has been working okay for me to Google calendars. Hmm. I better keep an eye on it!

My issue appears to be resolved. Guest data is now appearing in the iCal feed.

Interesting that it appears resolved, I got a notification (today) from our channel manager that they fully expected personal data to be permanently removed from the Airbnb iCal feeds. It doesn’t affect us as we use the API connection, but I can see the logic for doing so. Maybe they’re testing, as opposed to it being “a bug”?


I do think this information is somewhat “dangerous” to be shared within an ical file. Unlike AHF mentioned, icals are and need to be publicly accessible in order to work and one does not need to be authenticated in Airbnb to access the information within it, so yes, sharing personal information such as full name and phone numbers is likely a breach to European privacy policies. Even if it isn’t, it is highly exploitable so it makes sense that Airbnb looks into excluding this from ical files.