Airbnb hosts - beware of bed bugs!

Having people checking in and out of your house on a regular basis will increase the chance of getting bed bugs.

Bed bugs are disgusting, creepy small insects that will eat you alive and suck your blood. They hide during the day, but at night after you’re asleep they will crawl all over you and suck your blood.

Contrary to what many people think, a bed bug problem is not related to bad hygiene or lack of cleanliness. Bed bugs is an increasing problem as they spread rapidly as people are carrying them in their luggage from hotels to hotels, and from hotels to homes. The bugs don’t care whether it’s a 5 star hotel, a cheap hostel or an Airbnb flat. They are extremely difficult to discover and can be found everywhere!

Bed bugs are not directly dangerous, but people get annoying bites and some can get allergic reactions.

Once you have discovered these creepy small bugs in your house, they are very difficult to get rid of, one must seek professional help – which I have experienced to be a very costly operation. My insurance didn’t cover the costs and a bed bug extermination is NOT covered by the Airbnb host protection program !

As I recently had to hire a firm to professionally exterminate bed bugs in one of my apartments (it costed me a fortune and a guest who got bitten made a big fuss about it), I’ve made the following article with some tips to prevent bed bug infections:

How do you guys protect yourselves from this problem? And are there any important tips I have left out in the article?

I check on regular basis, there is no way you can protect yourselves against these.

We used to have cold winters, and just put everything outside in -25c for a week, but winters with long streches of freezing temperatures are gone, so bed bugs are becoming a real danger for hosts.

Bed bugs, beware of diatomaceous earth!

I really recommend buying a mattress vacuum cleaner. Not only do they clean thoroughly and exterminate mites/bed bugs, the UV light leaves bedding smelling nice as though you had dried them in the sun.
Dyson has a great model, but look into cheaper alternatives too such as Raycop.

do mattress pads help protect against bedbugs?

How does this prevent bed bugs? I would love to know.

My understanding is that diatomaceous earth will shred their bodies as they crawl over it. I’m wondering where you put it…on the mattress? Under a mattress pad?

Bed bugs grow quite fast and then it becomes almost impossible to get rid of them. If you are having a doubtful feeling that bugs are present, then do not hesitate to call the experts bed bug exterminators.