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Airbnb hosting experience and questions



Good afternoon,
My name is Dima, I run vacation/weekend rental house in Poconos,PA.
Just wanted to share my experiences and see if anyone had similar situations.
Over 7 years of hosting through Airbnb my experience was mostly positive with ups and downs, with guests complaining about me, me complaining about guests, but overall Airbnb was fair and supportive with their justification and resolutions.
Recently I had guests who caused some damage, had more people at a house then originally agreed and violated multiple house rules including smoking pot in a house. I made a claim with Airbnb. This time after being assigned and reassigned through 6 (!!) different case managers over emails and countless phone calls Airbnb grants me with direct damage reimbursement, totally ignoring other items.
Was wondering if anyone run into similar issues or noticed Airbnb getting worse/moving their bias towards guests.
On a top of story, Airbnb sends me email saying that someone complained about me denying reservation for being too young and blocking off my listening…I do get their policies, but guys, I’m not multi apartment building, it’s my private house, my money, my sweat, my blood. Are you telling me I can’t refuse booking to youngsters, knowing that 90% of a times you will have some sort of damage or problems?


Possibly. I used to state I won’t rent to under 25, but it’s dodgy to state, so i removed it. I am not sure you can discriminate on anything like age.

That said, under 25 have been some of my best guests. They are eager to please and show that under 25 do make good guests. But I am an entirely different market than you and I live on site.


Me too. I find that teenagers have invariably been lovely. I must have said before that one of my best ever guests was a Scandinavian 18 year old and her 17 year old boyfriend.

I sort of think that any sort of ageism (towards older or younger people) is discriminatory and goes against Airbnb’s policy.


Keep in mind that because under 18 cannot sign a contract legally, you certainly are not obligated to rent to them.


True. In the case of my lovely teenagers it was the girlfriend who was 18 and even though I use instant book, she messaged me before booking to let me know that her boyfriend was only 17. I thought that was particularly considerate and polite of her so she had made a great impression with me right from the start :slight_smile:


Thwnk you.
In my case it’s probably slightly different hosting to 10-20 teenagers with total privacy and alcohol.


See…that’s crazy. And this is just yet another reason why people are banning Airbnb in cities…when neighbors just want responsible families, not a crowds of teens. We of course know when 10-20 teenagers get together, they will always use the best judgment and they also have the life experience to properly take care of your very large home (sarcasm). I do not believe that they will allow you to discriminate on age, and I think most in your situation just have the age limit in their house rules…until someone reports them.

Is there any way to discourage them from booking? Do you have cameras and list that?


Reminds me of one of my favourite ‘hosting teenagers’ stories…

It was a couple who were renting our one bedroom apartment as they were attending a local festival. (I know that the combination of ‘teenagers’ and ‘music festival’ would raise red flags for some hosts). I didn’t realise until I saw them arriving just how young they were so while they were unloading their bags I sneaked up to the rental and substituted the welcome bottle of (cheap) wine for some sparkling non-alcoholic fruit juice.

I congratulated myself for being on the ball and not encouraging teenagers to drink.

When they left, and they were lovely guests who left the apartment in great shape, they thanked me for my hospitality and said ‘oh, by the way, we can’t take it on the plane so we’ve left you our vodka’.

There was LOADS of it. This was a few years ago and I still have some left!


Use the vodka to make a natural reed diffuser. Mix the vodka with essential oils, grapefruit is one of my favourites. You can also use it as a spray cleaner.


Many, many threads about this. Yes, it’s been noticed. Now that they have a bigger supply of hosts than they need they don’t really care to support hosts with their issues. I particularly think that if a host has had multiple issues over the years they feel like cutting them loose.

This is very interesting as we have speculated that they would do this but yours is the first confirmation I’ve read of them actually doing it.

Oh, we get it. Most of the hosts posting here are one host, one home. There is another handful with two or three listings. There are others who are professional investors and we tolerate them. LOL.

That’s exactly what Airbnb is doing. Your toil, their platform. I’m sure since you are in a vacation area you can do fine on other platforms or set up your own website, especially if you have a whole house listing.


It depends who you’re talking to. There are several places online where I’ve read ‘Airbnb sides with the host and not the guest’. :slight_smile:

Although I tend to agree with @K9KarmaCasa’s theory that they have so many hosts now. And especially now that they seem to be heading towards a more upmarket experience it seems that they aren’t afraid of weeding hosts out.


Thank you for respond.
I’m in a process of moving to another platform/making website/advertising on social media.
Happy hosting!

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