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Airbnb host tips - 10 cool tools that Airbnb hosts should have in 2014


Anything that makes life easier is awesome. Anything that makes life easier as an AirBnb host is sublime. We’re sharing an article that features 10 cool tools designed to make AirBnb hosts’ lives a breeze. Our favorites include the Raspberry Pi, Netflix and Nest.

We’d love to hear feedback from you if you’ve used any of these tools. We’ve used our Raspberry Pi to print wirelessly and even created an app to help schedule bathroom slots if you’re in a shared accommodation (more on that coming soon). Enjoy!


I am in the middle of writing an app so our guests can schedule time for shared accommodations (ie. bathrooms and kitchen). The server that handles this is using a Raspberry Pi.


Beyond Pricing provides automated, daily price updates for your Airbnb listing based on demand. It’s free to use in beta now!


Here is a NYC Concierge service that takes all the hassle out of hosting. Be part of the community and make money without lifting a finger! Check it out


Wanderant is a tool that lets you painlessly curate and share local recommendations in your area. Guests can then access the information offline on their phone, with offline maps, directions, etc. For example, here are my recommendations for things to see / do, and for tapas in Madrid. And this is a 2min video of how it works: https://vimeo.com/112325204

Would love to hear the thoughts of hosts on this forum - do you need a tool like this? How can we make it more useful?


Pls come to Madrid : )


Hi, “anything that makes life easier as an Airbnb host”, well hopefully our sister product Touch Stay can do that!

I posted about it in another thread but this is possibly a more relevant area as we’re talking about cool tools!

We were recently profiled in Skift and we’d love to hear from the Airbnb community, so feel free to drop me a line or try us out!

Many thanks. Andy.


This isn’t necessarily a tool, but here’s an article I found that lists the qualities of a successful listing. The tip about having a welcoming profile image, and checking the neighborhood competitor’s demand by checking their calendars was interesing.

Here: ¥0 to ¥500,000/mo Revenue in 6 months with Airbnb


Hey everyone!

Coral is an interactive home guide that helps your guests get settled easily and eliminates hosting-related headaches. Hosts can share all their important home information, local recommendations, and tips on how to use the tech & amenities in their home with their guests. Coral is accessible on any device, anywhere, for guests to find all the information they need to easily get settled and comfortable. This allows them to enjoy their trip without relying on their host at every turn.

We’d love to get your feedback and extend an invitation to our beta - check it out here Coral !

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