Airbnb host stories project

From my Airbnb Sponsored Myrtle Beach Facebook Group. Also if you signed up for Airbnb to send news to your email, you will probably receive this.

“Airbnb is putting together a marketing campaign that features stories from talented, committed Hosts who have been able to achieve success!
The campaign will be shared with national and local media in our area so that others can see their own possibilities as an Airbnb Host.
If you’re interested in being featured, please fill out this form so Airbnb can learn a little bit more about you and your story: “

This is a screenshot/not actual form

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So Airbnb wants hosts to give their time for free to use in a marketing campaign designed to lure in new, naive, starry-eyed hosts.

Maybe they figure hosts have a lot of free time on their hands since their bookings have dried up due to the disastrous update. I presume they are trying to recapture some of the market share they’ve lost to other platforms when current hosts signed up to them to try to get bookings, and even hosts who have always used multiple platforms are seeing their booking rates on VRBO, etc. escalate as guests unable to navigate the new interface turn to other platforms.

And they have $100,000 to give away to the ten hosts whose OMG places they have created are chosen, yet established hosts are asked to give their time for free to a markerting campaign which benefits them in no way, only creates more competition for bookings.

If there is one thing Airbnb excels at, it’s not reading the hosting room.


No way I’d ever tell members of this group that I was doing that. LOL.


I’d love to submit a heartwarming story about how we converted a place with some sad memories – a wheelchair accessible addition for a family member – to provide hospitality to mobility-impaired guests at a reasonable rate close to Washington, DC. Along with some lovely quotes from past wheelchair guests.

There are no present wheelchair guests, as it has now been 9 months that my accessibility features have been “in review” by Airbnb, and they are still not visible to potential guests. Despite monthly inquiries on my part.

So, naaah. Thanks for listening to me whinge about this repeatedly (where is that brick wall to bang my head on?)


Hosts should all submit their stories like yours. :rofl:

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You are not alone. A host who submitted accessibility features in April 2022, is also in review.

Those features are important to guests & the host.

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