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Airbnb Host Report

I have just received my first Airbnb Host Report. It shows that in April I got 50% 5* reviews. As I got 2 reviews in April, I must assume one of them was not 5*, but which one?
How or where can a host find the * ratings given by a specific guest?


You can’t see the rating a specific guest left as such. You just have to keep an eye on the Stats tab after each review and keep track of how many of each rating you have in the various categories. When those numbers change you will know how the last guest rated you.

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So, the information in the Host Report which shows “50% 5-star reviews” is designed to aggravate me without me being able to identify where specific improvement may be required. Very helpful!!

If you received reviews you received feedback. If the guests left anything in the private feedback section of their review, this should provide some guidance. Take a look at the subcategories on the Stats page and see which portions got less than 5 stars. This should be a good starting point.

Maybe it sounds OTT, but every time I get a review I check out the numbers under “Ratings from Guests” in each category (cleanliness, accuracy, value, communication, arrival, location) and record the data in a spreadsheet. That way I notice when a particular guest has marked something <5 and I follow up with them about what could be improved.

In my case, I would have never guessed, from the universally positive text reviews, which guests were marking me down.

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