AirBnB host delight

This is a shout out to all the AirBnB hosts from Malaysia,Thailand and Singapore who have in the past faced issues with:

  1. Stocking products for personal care and hair care for their tenants
    2.Getting cleaning services or stocking products for cleaning supplies.

We are here to help you out. We can help AirBnB hosts make their opinion count by helping a FMCG giant partner with AirBnB for these day to day chores and in turn help you a sweet deal.

P.S.: We would like to conduct a short survey with you to know your issues/opinions. All interested get in touch.

To translate:

  1. We are on this forum to promote our services
  2. We want to carry out some research with potential customers to help us market ourselves more effectively.

Translation: We are not prepared to pay for proper market research.


Greetings from Brandscapes Worldwide!

Dear Administrator, I hope we are not breaking any forum rules by posting this. Great if we can connect, I am reachable on my hand phone +91 9819262025 (based in India)

Brandscapes Worldwide is a global marketing strategy consulting company that is focused on delivering profitable growth for brands and companies we work with. Winning Insights™ is at the heart of each of our five professional practices: Global MR, Marketing Science, Data Mining, Marketing Dashboards and Strategy Maps.

Globally Brandscapes leverages the domain expertise of our consultants and analysts across four sectors: Consumer Goods & Services, Retail & Shopper, Banking & Finance and Healthcare. We also do primary research for our clients across the globe with help of our field partners.

We are currently conducting some research to understand the pain points in the hospitality industry better, with a view to improving the basic standards and looking at how the industry as a whole can benefit.

This research is currently limited to Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, and will be increasing the scope to other countries worldwide, based on inputs we receive from the current markets.

Needless to say, all those who participate will be incentivized, and their identities kept anonymous. Please comment / connect so we can reach out to you to take this further.

Thank you,
Biju Thomas.