Airbnb host deleted his listing, what do I do?

Hi I’m so sorry to post in here, I’m not sure if there is a separate forum that guests can post in - I wasn’t able to find one.
My airbnb host deleted the listing for my stay but it’s still an ongoing trip in my “trips” tab. I figured this out by trying to see if I can add an extra date but the page looked weird, so I logged out of my account and it was deleted to the general public.
Should I be worried, is this normal? Should I contact my host just in case (how should I approach this)?

Thank you so much!

Always contact your host if you have any questions or concerns. If they don’t answer you satisfactorily then contact Airbnb.

And make sure you are on the Airbnb site and not a spoofed site.


It’s not normal. I would call Airbnb at once with your concerns. Sometimes hosts decide to leave the system but will still honour existing bookings but to be on the safe side, you should definitely call Airbnb.

It could just be that he has ‘snoozed’ his listing. Probably nothing to worry about, he probably just doesn’t want any additional bookings than what he has already.
But do contact him and Airbnb, it wouldn’t do any harm just for your reassurance


I was about to say it’s perfectly normal. I’ve snoozed my listing so many times while holding bookings… all bookings were honoured I just didn’t want to deal with queries for a while. The most I’ve snoozed for is 2 months while holding bookings three months into the future.

To the OP if you’re worried contact the host; this shouldn’t be an issue.

I currently have all my listing snoozed as I am doing some re arranging of rooms and some will no longer be in Air and some new ones will. I still have future bookings and nothing has changed. I have had some previous guests msg me to ask what is going on and I have just told them to hang on for another week or too, and my new listings will be live!